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News: Dead Language EP to be released by Moonlight Bride 04.12.12

“Our generation is obsessed with the flash and flare of some pawn dancing around and pressing a couple of buttons and calling it electronic or dub step. Dead Language is anti that,” explains frontman of Moonlight Bride, Justin Giles.

Chattanooga rockers Moonlight Bride have announced their plans to release their new EP, Dead Language, digitally on 04.12.12 at all major online retailers.

The sound has been called ‘haunted pop’ and explores dark, yet warm vibes. It’s certainly not an average collection of indie-rock songs and to let everyone hear this for themselves, the band is streaming the entire EP now here.

“We’ve had the idea of doing this sort of b-side compilation for a while now,” says Giles. “It’s a group of songs we recorded and always liked but just didn’t seem to fit with the material that we’ve been putting together for the new album.”

Personally I was pleasantly surprised when I had a listen to the tracks, and whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly a nice change from the flood of generic ‘indie’ music that has been occupying our airwaves for the majority of recent years.

Moonlight Bride is currently working on their new full-length album which is planned to be released late next year (2013).

Find out more by visiting the bands page here:

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