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News: Burden Calls – ASTPAI announce new album

burden calls

Artist: ASTPAI

Album: Burden Calls

Number of Tracks: 13

Release Date: 22 August 2014 (UK/EU), 22 September 2014 (US)

Label: Ass Card Records (UK/EU), Jumpstart Records (US)

Those who follow the foreign punk scene will need to prepare themselves as Austrian punk outfit, ASTPAI, get ready to hurl their upcoming album, Burden Calls, halfway across Europe and the Channel on 22 August.

Think of Vienna, and a hardcore punk-rock band isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, in a basement on the outskirts of the city, ASTPAI by no means peacefully reside, as they rasp and roar their way into the collections of punk’s avid fan-base.


As of yet, the top has been kept tightly screwed shut over the sound that is to make up Burden Calls. However, if we look back to the calibre of material being turned out by ASTPAI in the past two years, you can be sure that whatever lies in wait under the proverbial jar lid will eventually come at you brandishing a healthy set of teeth and claws.

The band have said: “These 13 tracks tell a story of self doubt, fear and misery, but also the ongoing quest to find hope and love for all the right things in this world.”


1. Single Use

2. Dead End Talking

3. Out

4. Death Everywhere

5. After All

6. Departure

7. Ground Control

8. Down by Love

9. Resignation

10. Careers

11. Small Change

12. Oxygen

13. Emotion in the Way

Their fourth full length release, Efforts and Means (2012), delivered the band’s strongest showcase of work at the time. Tracks like Honest or Sentimental still present themselves as a testament to the strength of ASTPAI’s signature angry to sombre range. All this is carried by a constant furious momentum, which is maintained throughout, regardless of tempo.

More recently (2013), we were given a short yet sharp glimpse into what appears to be a slightly fuller sounding version of ASTPAI in the form of the Crohnicles EP. Although the three tracks that make up this recording only amount to just under five minutes of listening, this could very well be the only clue we need to get a sense of the full size creature we’re to face in August.

In summary, take on fluids and hit the gym while you can because whether you’re seeing ASTPAI on any of their July UK/EU tour dates with Only Crime, or tackling the potential bear of an album that’s soon to arrive, you’ll need your stamina in buckets.

Tour dates w/Only Crime

8 July – UK – The Exchange, Bristol
9 July – UK – Sound Control, Manchester
10 July – NL – Melkweg Old Ball, Amsterdam
11 July – NL – 013 Small Hall, Tilburg
12 July – DE – BiNuu, Berlin
13 July – CZ – Mighty Sounds Festival, Tabor
14 July – AT – Arena, Vienna
15 July – DE – Strom, Munich
16 July – DE – Goldmarks, Stuttgart
17 July – DE – Underground, Cologne

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