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News: Ava Luna new album and single release


The Brooklyn five-piece, Ava Luna, are just weeks away from releasing their latest album, Electric Balloon and have decided to share their new track PRPL as their first single, which you can enjoy here.

The new single features a more refined approach to their self-proclaimed ‘doo-wop soul meets punk-as-fuck’ aesthetic. PRPL features a more stripped back sound focusing mainly on the honeyed vocals of Becca Kauffman signalling a maturation of their music without taking away its soulful edge.


Electric Balloon was recorded by members Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader and was later mixed by Jimmy Douglas (Justin Timberlake, Aaliah, Timbaland, Gang Of Four). The mixture of polished rhythms and no-frills grit has been perfectly captured and really showcases their talents and what makes Ava Luna truly unique.

The band spent two weeks intensively recording the album in upstate New York. Unlike their previous efforts which were meticulously mapped out, the tracks that were to become Electric Balloon were “A family effort” according to frontman Carlos Hernandez. As Hernandez explains, it was a “… birth of confidence. I grew closer to my bandmates, began to see the roles of a family playing out. Ethan cooks dinner for us all, we make lewd jokes, then ‘after-dinner-storytelling’ takes the form of playing music.”

Electric Balloon will be released on the 10th of March.

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