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New Arrivals: CHVRCHES

If you haven’t heard CHVRCHES yet, you better get listening.

An electro-alternative band-of-three from Glasgow, I first saw these guys at a Passion Pit gig back in November and was immediately infatuated. Front woman Lauren Mayberry is a tiny figure with a massive stage presence and an amazing voice, supported by the talented Iain Cook and Martin Doherty on sound. This week, they made it into the Official Chart with ‘Recover’ and were a favourite on the Radio One review.

After first seeing CHVRCHES (it is noted that the ‘v’ replaces the ‘u’ to avoid confusion with, well, actual church buildings on internet searches) I could find little of their music anywhere, minus a mobile-phone-filmed video of a live show on Youtube. Now you can be sure that they will be everywhere. With a sound that hints at Californian influences such as Gotye, their music appears to bring a Paramore-like persona up-to-date with a Prince edge.

‘Recover’ is a song that while its context being hardly sunshine-and-rainbows manages to sound upbeat and echoes with energy, killing any ‘emo’ notions about the band’s genre. Mayberry’s voice captivates the listener with its innocence and the experience of the band as a whole is one not to be missed.

‘Recover’ is their new EP out now on iTunes, showing promise for an amazing debut album on the horizon.

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