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An Interview with Must

An Interview with Must

So have you heard of MUST?  No, well don’t panic because you soon will.  For a band that only got together last year they are causing quite a stir, lets find out a little more about why…

HUNOW: Cliché question yes, but describe your music to someone who had never heard of you

MUST: I guess you could say a hazy, fuzzy pop with an element of rawness to it.

HUNOW: For a band that only formed quite recently, you are generating a lot of interest in your music from some big names like The Fly and Clash Magazine. What’s the secret to your success? Hard work, pact with the devil or just rock gods?

MUST: We just keep working on writing as much material as we possibly can, but yeah those rock gods definitely have something to do with it too… bless em

HUNOW: What’s the best and most annoying thing about being on tour? Who has the worst music taste for the bus? What are your favourite travel snacks?

MUST: The best thing is playing to as many new people as possible and the worst is the endless greyness of the motorway. Our tastes are all pretty similar but we all have our guilty pleasures (especially our drummer)… As for road snacks, the sugary highs of Peanut M&M’s and a stack of Rio Tropical never disappoints.

HUNOW: It’s coming up to the Summer, so with that in mind are you going to play any festivals? I can really imagine being in a field, having a pint and dancing around listening to you…

MUST: Yeah super excited for summer, we’re already on the bill for some May festivals- Live At Leeds, The Great Escape in Brighton and Stag & Dagger in Glasgow and hopefully more will ensue. Thanks, we need loads of people like you that are doing exactly that and we’ll have a pretty epic time. I guess we’ve got a sort of summery vibe to our sound which I think would go down well at festivals.

HUNOW: What’s next for Must and where can we find out more about you?

MUST: We plan to tour, write and have as much fun as possible. That’s what it’s all about, right? We’ve also got our EP Launch at the Shacklewell Arms in London on the 5th April. It’s free, it’s a friday, it’s gonna be awesome and everyone should come.

People can check out MUST’s facebook page for upcoming events and updates at:

You can also order our their new EP right here:



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