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Music review: Krank (Stoner rock)

Based in Cornwall this self-dubbed stoner rock project ‘Krank’ consists of Emlyn Foley (Vocals/Keyboard) and Tony Toller (Guitar).

The genre title of stoner rock may not entirely do this duo justice as it is bound to alienate a certain demographic. However, the pair (Who have been part of other award-winning musical projects such as Eribus) have let their content speak for itself.

With bass-filled riffs of soft distortion their sound is easy to listen to, yet is always progressing. The music is not meant to create crescendos and strike the listener in the ears, it’s meant to create atmosphere as demonstrated in their most recent song ‘Earth Mother’.

Another impressive piece of artwork from Krank

‘Earth Mother’ has a very eastern vibe and a constant rhythm, although it is very minimal and acoustic for almost the first-half of the song. After the first half though, there is a flood of that easy-listening distortion playing a similar riff. The use of different dynamics through the medium of a constant attribute almost makes the listener comfortable throughout the song, which is no-doubt the aim.

The negatives of a “No frills, no fills” attitude can sometimes result in a lack of variety throughout various tracks instrumentation. I found that the song ’25′ was quite bland, although this in my eyes is the weakest track of Kranks to date, it still stands-up with a memorable chorus and a well-phrased guitar solo.

Although in reality I don’t think that this is a concern. The lyrics of each track are very worldly, always well-written, thought-provoking and intelligent. A great example of this is the track ‘Cosmic Man’. The opening lines of this track including the phrase “Always reaching for higher-sound,” is just one case of a constantly interesting and creative set of lyrics.

Over-all the  instrumentation is non-invasive (A must-have trait of stoner rock) and the lyrics are provocative and tackle many issues about nature and conflict, which once again plays into the given genre.

Krank are definitely worth having a listen to after you’ve got a comfortable position and something to help you relax. Think hippy but brought up to date with a firm groove and some catchy melodies.

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