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More GTA V Details Revealed

Thursday evening saw the release of December’s edition of Game Informer and with it a shedload of GTA V details.

So, what do we know?

Firstly, the next instalment in the huge franchise will see you take control of three different protagonists: Michael, Franklin and Trevor (see Game Informer cover above) who the player will be able to switch between throughout the game.

Rockstar also claim that the game’s location, the fictional Californian city of Los Santos, is the biggest in the series’ history. Bigger in fact than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption’s worlds combined.

Vehicles will again be a key part of the open-worlder, with the usual suspects making an appearance (cars, helicopters etc…) plus the addition of some new ones ( jet skis) and the return of some past favourites (BMX’s, bikes and planes) all adding up to give GTA V more vehicles than ever before.

For a full summary of Game Informer’s 18-page report, check out Videogamer’s exhaustive list.

A second trailer is due this Wednesday, November 14th, following its delay after Hurricane Sandy hit New York last week. If you’re still yet to see last year’s initial trailer, check it out here.

Source: Videogamer, Game Informer

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