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Mini-Album Review: Jack Beats – Somebody To Love

When I first got sent over the new mini-album by Jack Beats, I was excited to start reviewing it. The release titled Somebody To Love  is the second mini-album release by Jack Beats, the first being Careless which was released back in September.

The first track About To Get Fresh  featuring Chiddy Bang was my first experience of the mini-album and I can’t say that it met my expectations. The track started well with some very funky synthesiser sounds, but as soon as the robot sounding vocals came in the track sounded cheap, almost as if it was some kind of dancing car advert. When Chiddy Bang then comes in, the track isn’t saved. Chiddy Bang’s lyrics seem to have no direction and aren’t even very catchy. It’s a shame about this track because the instrumental version (also included) really shows the track with all of its details. In fact, the track has a completely different vibe and even has a stringed instrument present, giving a sort of Eastern vibe, something that is actually surprisingly refreshing, especially given the fact that this isn’t the kind of music that this would usually be found in.

The track Knock You Down  is another song that is really limited by certain factors. There’s this nice atmospheric beginning, which is then ruined with some pretty pointless vocals coming into the mix crudely. I’m all fine with swearing within music but this just seems to add nothing to the track as a whole and isn’t particularly bad-ass either, it’s swearing for the sake of swearing, almost tongue in cheek, giving the slight impression that it’s some sort of joke. That’s not to dispute Jack Beat’s work though, there is a well made track without the vocals, as demonstrated in the instrumental once again. Although the track isn’t exactly innovative, it’s an alright dance track.

Towards the end of the mini-album is where Jack Beat’s has really been successful. The title track Somebody To Love  featuring Jess Mills sounds pretty commercial, but Jess Mill’s vocals are much better than any of the other track’s vocal parts. My biggest gripe with this track is a bass synth which sounds too voice-like, it just doesn’t sound serious. The composition of this track isn’t hid away as much with Jess Mills doing the vocals, but as usual, there’s much more detail in the instrumental. However, with this track I found it more difficult personally to choose between the full track and the instrumental. I can see why this is the first single and the title of the mini-album, it’s light-hearted and commercial, making it accessible for a large number of people, rather than limiting its audience to the die-hard electronic music scene.

The most unique track in the mini-album is called Storm and it features Kid Harpoon. It’s probably my favourite track from Somebody To Love, the introduction is humble, as bass synthesisers drone on calmly. The track then builds with piano adding yet more texture to the track. Kid Harpoon has to be commended for his work on Storm, the lyrics are different and progressive, conjuring up lots of imagery, which is unusual for this kind of music and commercial music as a whole for the most-part. Jack Beats manages to take a backseat on the track, which adds to its success even more, this is a real collaboration, not one artist trying to have a bigger presence than the other. However, Jack Beat’s part is also showcased in full on the instrumental version of Storm, which sounds like it would be suited really well as a backing track to video, it has lots of emotion, but isn’t very over-powering.

Overall, Somebody To Love  seems to be more of a commercially aimed mini-album from Jack Beats, and whilst it’s not what everyone will expect, it’s definitely got its strengths. Jack Beats has to be recognised for taking a leap and trying some new material, but I think despite its strengths, the more generic Somebody To Love can definitely be topped.

Have you heard Somebody To Love ? What do you think about the direction of this mini-album? Comment below! 

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