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Live Review: While She Sleeps – Warped Tour UK 2013

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Playing tracks from both This Is The Six and The North Stands For Nothing EP, While She Sleeps delivered a high-octane set full of intense songs and circle pits. Unfortunately, however, whoever had been doing their audio made a right hash of things and had set it up in such a way that the guitar melodies were completely inaudible. I had seen While She Sleeps three times before Warped Tour, and it must be said that this set was very different to what I had anticipated. Every single time their set is full of energy and passion, and this set wasn’t any different. Lawrence Taylor was full of movement and had plenty of crowd interaction, guitarists Sean Long and Mat Welsh were outstanding as always, bassist Aaran McKenzie had a hugely impressive stage presence and drummer Adam Savage was immense.

In the past, Sleeps, as they are affectionately known by fans, have opened with Until The Death, however, on this occasion, they decided to mix things up, and instead opened with This Is The Six. A highly energetic song, and the title track off of their debut album, it certainly kicked things off in style. Moving swiftly onto The North Stands For Nothing, the crowd didn’t stop, and nor did the band. They were so full of energy that it captivated people all the way at the back of the room, who then started moving forward to see just who it was that had so much energy and passion.

Next up was a song that has a lot of meaning to the band, Our Courage, Our Cancer. They’ve never fully explained just what the inspiration or meaning for this song is, except for that it is simply something very close to their hearts, and they certainly showed how much this song means to them during their performance.

Moving onto the lead single from This Is The Six, Dead Behind The Eyes, they upped the tempo further and did something I didn’t think was possible, which was inject even more energy into an already rowdy crowd.

The penultimate song was the lead single from their debut EP, Crows. This song has been a fan favourite for years, and it was clear for all to see just why when they started playing it. There’s nothing more mesmerising than seeing several thousand people all singing exactly the same lyrics at exactly the same time. It really was something else.

Closing with Seven Hills, which is quite possibly the most popular track off of This Is The Six, was an excellent decision, and the crowd were left craving more, with chants of “One more song” continuing for several minutes.

This was definitely a great set, with it only being let down by the terrible audio quality courtesy of whichever sound engineer was having technical difficulties.

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