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Live Review: We Are the Ocean (Boardmasters 2013)

We Are the Ocean are one of those bands that I’ve been listening to since about 2010/2011 and I was lucky enough to be in the know when they released their sophomore album Go Now and Live which to this date is one of my favourite albums. I’d never had the chance to see them live before,  so when I heard they were playing Boardmasters I could hardly contain my excitement.

In previous Boardmasters Relentless Energy Drink had a sponsored stage dedicated to rock acts, but this year We Are the Ocean found themselves headlining on the Maverick Stage, Relentless’ replacement. Unexpectedly, We Are the Ocean ranked in my top three acts of the entire three-day festival. I had also seen a few DJ sets and dance acts, but I saw no band that motivated the crowd better, and no band interacted with their crowd more. I did my best to get some photos from the performance, but unfortunately the only ones I could take weren’t the best quality, but I’ll post them here regardless so that you can get some idea of the amazing vibe in the tent.

Liam Cromby playing ‘Chin Up, Son’

We were treated to songs from all three albums, Cutting Our Teeth, Go Now and Live and the latest album Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow. Although I may come across as a little biased, they played a perfect set for me, and they left no songs that I had wished they played. That, is something that very rarely happens in the live music world. We Are the Ocean treated us with Trouble is Temporary, Time is Tonic the best opening song that can be played by any band, which was followed by some of their most famous songs such as What It Feels Like, The Waiting Room, Run Away, and Now And Then, and as a fan of their sophomore album, that made me a happy gentleman. 

Liam and the boys played in perfect style, favoured with the shape of the Maverick stage, which was essentially a mirror of a circus big-top. Halfway through their set, they asked us if they could play some songs from their newest album Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow and the crowd roared back in response, after-all, they had played most of the crowd pleasers. They continued on to play Chin Up, Son (As pictured) as well as Young Heart, Bleed, Pass Me By, Story of a Modern Child and others such as Confessions from their first album. All in all a set size that can’t be met with complaints.

 I wasn’t able to take any videos, because I was having just too much of a good time, but check out this video of We Are the Ocean playing Chin Up, Son , one of my songs of the night.

If you know of We Are the Ocean then you’ll know that that’s one of the calmer songs, but its place was well deserved in the set. I couldn’t recommend seeing them any more wherever you get the chance to do so!

You can find out more about We Are the Ocean at their official Facebook page.


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