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Live Review: Watsky And Wax – Warped Tour 2013


As the third act playing on the Sunday at Warped Tour ’13, George Watsky and Michael Jones (Wax) followed a band called Rdgldgrn.

Wax is a rapper, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Los Angeles that is very popular, having over 27 million views on a single video on YouTube.

Watsky has had a number of studio albums out, but is best known for his YouTube video, Pale Kid Raps Fast, in which he first showcased his rapping talent. After releasing this, Watsky has shot to success, touring all over the world supporting the Hug A Hater album.

First of all, Wax from L.A came on, bringing a blend of funky synths, guitar and generally fun songs, easily connecting with the crowd in a happy-go-lucky way, with hundreds of people singing along to the simple choruses in his songs.

Michael had the crowd going along with his funny anecdote about going to a medicinal marijuana shop and seeing a good looking girl, which led him to writing a song about her.

Half way through the half an hour set, Watsky came on stage with a very confident presence, starting off with one of his newer songs called Moral of the Story. With the first song, Watsky had people throwing their hands up into the air shouting “Work, Work” along to the chorus of the song.

Mid-way through his set, Watsky said he knew that he and Wax were a bit of a different act to play Warped Tour, which he said to the crowd “I know that this is not the normal act that you came here to see, but I appreciate all of your ears and eyeballs watching me”.

After his very personal and heart-warming speech, the set carried on with an even more personal song about himself having epilepsy as a kid called Epilepsy Boy.  With a blend of spoken word poetry and rap, and even George himself playing Harmonica was impressive, getting a real positive response.

Watsky 1The second to last song that George played was a near dub-style remix of Ugly Faces that had quite a few people dancing along too, with people trying to rap along to the verses.

Just before the last song, the drummer accompanying Watsky and Wax performed a lengthy 2 minute Drum solo which towards the end actually turned into a beat that the audience participated in.

For his final song I Don’t Give A F***, Watsky gave a little speech saying “Don’t let that voice of insecurities tell you to stop”.

Unfortunately, near the end of I Don’t Give A F***, the set was marred by an incident, where Watksy climbed up a rope ladder onto a lighting rig. What happened next, nobody could have predicted. He put down the microphone, threw his hat into the crowd and then launched himself into the crowd. Upon seeing this, the crowd parted and Watsky landed on top of two fans, injuring them. One suffered a broken arm, while details of the injuries to the other person have yet to be released. Watsky himself was fortunate to get away with some bruising and a few minor cuts, and has publicly apologised for his actions.

Aside from the crazy stage antics, Watsky and Wax put on a show that was received much better than I would have expected. Only time will tell whether fans will forgive Watsky for his careless stunts.

You can find out more about Watsky by visiting his:

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