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Live Review: The Lumineers (Concorde 2 Brighton, 24.02.13)

Twelve months ago I hadn’t heard of The Lumineers but thanks to the advert that made their hit  Ho Hey  famous, I soon became aware of the folk band from Denver, Colorado.

I completely fell for their sound so when I won tickets to their gig in Brighton, I was intrigued and looking forward to seeing the band that I didn’t know very much about.

Brighton’s seafront venue, Concorde 2, is perfect for gigs featuring bands like The Lumineers. The interior is spacious but not so big that you couldn’t see to the front if you were stuck behind a giant (which I was). The band had actually been upgraded from another venue in the city called The Haunt due to demand from the band’s fans.

What I like about Concorde 2 is how, unlike bigger venues, it creates an atmosphere in which everyone gets along and is able to experience the performing band/artist up close even when you’re at the back.

At times, it felt as though me and the friend that I went with were some of the only people in the audience. I don’t know the exact number of people in the crowd but the capacity of Concorde is 600, and it couldn’t have been far off that.

The only thing I didn’t like about the crowd were the loved up couples and their public displays of affection but I did expect this before going so I had mentally prepared myself for some soppiness.

Before the gig, I had no idea who were supporting but was pleasantly surprised. An interestingly named, Langhorne Slim and The Law, began the night with the band consisting of Langhorne Slim (real name Sean Scolnick) on vocals/guitar, Malachi DeLorenzo on drums, David Moore on keyboard/banjo and Jeff Ratner on bass.

They were incredible. I think it helped that I had no expectations of the band but I must give them credit where it’s due. Everything about their performance was perfect. Scolnick was funny and knew exactly how to make everyone in the audience laugh. At the end of their set I didn’t want them to stop playing and decided with my friend that we would see them on their own, as we love them.

During the interval the guys from Langhorne Slim and The Law were in the bar area doing meet and greets, it was lovely of them to spend some time with the audience. My friend and I went along and spoke to Scolnick and got a few freebies as well as a photo.

The interval was over and it was time for the main act, The Lumineers.

The five piece, made up of lead vocalist Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, Neyla Pekarek, Stelth Ulvang and Ben Wahamaki, opened with Submarine  from their self titled album. I still can’t get that song out of my head!

The band really got the crowd going with lots of feet stomping, clapping and singing along, especially to the song that a lot of people went for, Ho Hey.

After performing it once on stage, the lead singer Schultz announced that they would play the song in the audience.

True to their word, they reached the middle of the crowd, right in front of me, and stepped up onto the furniture. They asked for everyone to put their phones away as they didn’t want anyone to record or take photos but lots of people still did.

When the band realised this after the first chorus, they asked again for everyone to put their phones away and threatened that they wouldn’t continue until all phones were away, which I found to be a bit arrogant.

Nonetheless, it was great that they felt they could trust the audience to the point where they could perform in the middle of the crowd. It was amazing to watch them literally in front of me. and it’s at that point that I really felt the love for the band.

One thing that I noticed about their songs was how similar they all sounded. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing but there were points when I could guess the next words of the songs despite never having heard them. However, I really did enjoy their music and performance, and since that night I’ve spent a lot of time listening to their album.

The evening ended perfectly with a walk along the seafront and some chips, it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while and I’d definitely see The Lumineers again.

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