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Live review: The Dirty Heads – Warped Tour UK 2013

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The Dirty Heads are a reggae band from California who I hadn’t heard of until quite literally a week before Warped Tour. The set was delayed for a few minutes due to a couple of unfortunate equipment failings, but nevertheless the band continued and delivered an unforgettable set. Having never watched a reggae band before, I had no idea what to expect, but they certainly showed me just how well a set could be delivered. Opening with the lead single from their second album, Dance All Night off of Cabin By The Sea, the reception from the crowd was one of adulation. The 200 or so people who were in the room for the set were clearly enjoying themselves, and started bopping up and down to the beat of the music almost instantaneously.

The next two songs played were Your Love and Spread Too Thin off of the same album, and both went down equally well.

Next up was a cover of Stalk of Sensimilla by Black Uhuru, a song I had never heard before. Having since heard the original and once again listened to the cover, I can now say that it was very well done, and stayed true to the original while at the same time having the familiar Dirty Heads feel.

Following on, they played Stand Tall off of their first album, Any Port In A Storm. Another song I hadn’t heard before, but one that I certainly enjoyed.

They closed their set with probably their biggest hit, Lay Me Down and then Garland, off of their album Cabin By The Sea and their newest acoustic album, Home: Phantoms Of The Summer, respectively. Lay Me Down is a fantastic song, and the performance given was exactly what a song of that quality deserved. Garland was a very good choice of song to finish on, as well, as it left us all feeling happy and relaxed before everyone rushed off to see other bands.

Overall, the set was extremely tight, well rehearsed and left me wanting more. Their performance was a welcome change of pace among so many heavy rock and metal bands playing Warped Tour.

Having already had a number one single with Lay Me Down, these guys are definitely a band to look out for in the future.

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