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Live Review: The Black Tambourines (Knee Deep Festival 2013 – 10.08.13)

Playing at Knee Deep Festival 2013, The Black Tambourines were letting the audience in on some old fashioned rock and roll music. 

The band that that dubs its music as “Surf Punk” let rip into some of their tunes and everyone instantly got their vibe. As they played through their set you couldn’t help but at least bob your head to their lively tunes, a lot of which frequently included big distorted bends and chords.

Although, as their set went on, I couldn’t help but feel that quite a bit of their material sounded rather similar, with one track blending into an another. Despite some of their songs sounding similar however, it was clear that the energy throughout their performance really made that a non-point, with their music bringing the festival-goers to life and clearly getting them to enjoy themselves.

However, even though The Black Tambourines played rough rock music, they did have to restart a song as one of the members messed up the beginning of a track. The band were quick to mock this member and laugh it off with the crowd, which made everyone smile and put not only the member of the band, but the crowd, at ease and the gig resumed without any further thought of the error. 

When the lyrics were listened to, they were thoughtful and well-written, and that shows a lot of potential for The Black Tambourines in the future. For now though, I think that The Black Tambourines are best live onstage, but hopefully as time goes on, they will develop some tracks which stand out a little more, and give the audience an even greater show. 

This band could definitely be one to watch. 

 You can find out more about The Black Tambourines and listen to their music by visiting their:

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