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Live Review – ‘Hazaar!’ in The Horse, Moretonhampstead.




If you’ve never danced holes in the bottoms of your new shoes, made your feet bleed and have had to crawl to work the next day you’ve obviously never seen Hazaar! live.

‘A raucous orkestra of klezmer mayhem’ is how the band like to announce themselves and my word are they raucous!


From the first few notes of ‘Russian Sher’ to the final rousing song of ‘Mazel Tov’ (featuring some fine lyrics about David Hasslehoff which you really have to see live to appreciate it’s genius) the six gypsy nomad warriors up on stage corralled the crowd into a whirlwind of fancy footwork and airbourne ale.

The youngest, most dedicated of the dancers was none other than lead guitarist/vocalist Rupeski Mcorsikoff’s very own son. At 5 years old this month, even he wasn’t immune to the floor bouncing, foot stamping mayhem that his father had instigated like some kind of pirate circus ringleader….


This was a show that got the crowd going, not just the music but the atmosphere that had been created by a warm, friendly stage presence of a group of people who genuinely adore what they are doing. The banter in between songs was sharp and witty, with members of the band joining in to poke fun at one another and really just cementing the image that this may not be just a raucous orkestra of klezmer mayhem, but a raucous family orkestra of klezmer mayhem.

It was very hard to find anything negative to write about this show, every aspect of the bands performance, musicality, stage presence and energy was perfect from start to finish, the only thing that let them down was beyond their control and rather unfair as the PA system couldn’t quite handle a pub full of drunken devonians dancing up and down and a few leads got shaken loose and there was some quite horrific speaker breakup taking place, not too far from my right ear. Also you could see quite clearly from the audience that the band were having great difficulty hearing themselves through their on stage monitors, again not their fault and it is a testament to a great musician to keep playing through technical difficulties.


So how do you conclude a review about Hazaar? I’ve told you how exciting, enchanting and exhausting their show was. I’ve told you that if you’d like to dance like the devil was behind you these are the folks you want to watch. I’ve also told you that no matter what age you are, good music is good music.

So all that’s really left to say is…




….you simply have to go and see this band live.

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