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Live Review: Blur (Live at Plymouth Pavilions, 07.08.12)

For the first time in over two decades, Britpop superstars Blur took to the stage in Devon.

The concert held at Plymouth Pavilions was one of four “intimate” shows prior to the band playing the Olympic closing ceremony, and intimate was certainly the feeling throughout the experience.

Opening with the tongue-twisting track Girls & Boys, the show was instantly plunged into one big choir with crowds of devoted, and not so devoted fans being able to sing a long from the onset of the popular track.

Blur being a band that has numerous hits that are engrained into popular culture really set the stage for a good gig. Hits that some people had heard on the radio, on TV adverts and in many other situations, were constant testaments of Blur’s long-standing content.

The hits included The Universal, Country House and Song 2 in addition to many others. However, the set-list didn’t just consist of hits, and was bolstered by B-sides and even new songs such as The Puritan and Under the Westway.

It wasn’t just a well made set-list that made this concert a success either, the band were on top form. Damon Albarn’s vocals sounded as if the songs were performed in the studio and the guitarist’s tone was ridiculously sweet and strong.

Aside from a minor problem with Albarn not being able to hear the rest of the band enough around the second song or so due to a technical issue, the show went without a hitch. When it came to the end of the concert, the only words coming out of the crowds mouths were “Encore”.

Utterly content with the two-hour set, the crowd was thanked by Albarn and were told that he’d try not to leave it another twenty years before coming back, even devoting a song to Plymouth. Blur may be fairly old as a band, but they most certainly are still relevant in British culture.

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