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Taking to the Monster stage at a surprisingly early time of 3pm, Beartooth were quick to demonstrate why they’re one of the fastest rising metalcore bands around at the moment. With blistering riffs and powerful vocals, they blasted through seven songs from their debut album, Disgusting. Opening with Relapsing, they then blasted their way through Dead, In Between, The Lines, I Have A Problem, Beaten In Lips and Body Bag, with incredible energy levels that I thought it would be impossible to maintain, but they proved me wrong.

Having been a fan of this band for quite a while, I went in with a certain level of expectation and it’s fair to say that they lived up to it. With such a large crowd present for their set, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who was looking forward to seeing them. With Caleb’s gritty vocals, stage presence and energy all well honed from his days in Attack Attack!, he knows how to deliver a memorable performance. That said this consistency of quality throughout their set really shows that the whole band are genuinely enjoying playing their music, which was a pleasure to watch.

The stand out song for me was Beaten In Lips. It was the first song I heard by Beartooth, and, being such a catchy song dealing with such a sensitive issue, it was probably the best place for me to start. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I can’t recommend them enough. Caleb’s lyrics cover a whole range of subjects, and they’re all explored in such incredible ways. On the whole, they put on an extremely memorable performance and I now know for sure that the next time they’re in the UK, I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure I’m there.

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