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Live Review: AshesToAngels, White Rabbit, 16/07/13

To coincide with the very recent release of their Dorian EP, AshesToAngels embarked on a short headline tour across Britain to promote and meet their beloved fans. HOLDUPNOW managed to catch them play in Plymouth with local South West bands as support.

One of those bands, Occulus, consist of six young local lads who make sure they get people to listen up. How Dan Newcombe and Josh Hetherington’s vocals merge together is extraordinary and to think they’re only a small Plymouth band is amazing. Their deathcore/hardcore sound isn’t pleasing to everyone, but when it is, well – two stepping and throwing down are happening in the middle of the room. The energy and attitude they present is so refreshing to see as recently the music scene in this area has been looking a bit ropey. They have to be proud of this performance because musically it’s fantastic for this young band.

St Austell’s finest A New Hope were up next bringing their brutal metal forward. Officially being A New Hope for less than year, they have built up a small but dedicated fanbase by performing whenever and wherever they can by delivering the unique blend of melodic metal and this was obviously being proven at this show. Before performing their final song, James Kirkby got hold of a fan and a dear friend of them to join them on stage to close with Lies. Another example as to why their fan base is developing, as the band try to keep their shows interesting.

Six Sins ‘Til Sunday, stepped up as main support with their experiences on the metal scene that has been previously gained from being in several other bands beforehand. Their set was polished and melodic as the guitar solos were exerted with precision. Chris has the power to get even the young girls in the crowd to throw their fists in the air. A tune that is known all over the world by millions is Bodies by Drowning Pool and yes you guessed it, Six Sins ‘Til Sunday covered this bad boy. Everyone knew the words and were chanting back “1. Nothing wrong with me…”. It is evident that this gave the guys a great feeling inside.

At last we heard the mixture of gothic synthy-punk that make AshesToAngels that bit different. Anyone can tell that this band all mean business; right from the word go the energy levels in the room dramatically increased. Bounding from one part of the stage to the other and swinging furiously from the ceiling with each member displaying effort and willpower. However, if we’re being completely honest, the vocals were pretty weak and Adam Crilly was not on top form.. This is the second time these guys have been to this city and feel like it’s their “second home”, which is nice to hear. Even though there were a couple technical difficulties, Adam Crilly and co. continued on as if nothing happened, creating mini circle pits and still containing a lot of energy. They’re lovely guys, who have liveliness in barrels and great determination to get through a show even with problems.

Rating: 5/10


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