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Jordan Ivey: A Graphic Communicator

“If you give a good designer a sharp pencil he can achieve anything,” says 20-year-old graphic designer Jordan Ivey.

Ivey started practising in graphic design at the age of 15, designing identities for local bands. This was a task that required motivation and networking,  a demonstration of his ability to follow-up his interests from a young age.

As with a huge number of creative professions, Ivey uses a lot of Adobe software within his work. Predominantly a typographic designer however, he currently uses InDesign the most. It’s no surprise that a professional graphic designer uses professional software, although Ivey also swears by experimentation, especially when it gives him the opportunity to design without software.

One thing is certain, and that is that Ivey takes the quality of his design very seriously. Even at a glance his work is eye-catching and it’s not through luck or simple bright colours. With projects ranging from branding to information architecture, the limits of his ambitions are not in sight.

One image to start off the creative process

Designs that really do grab the viewer’s attention, require analysis of not only images and visual representations of the subject matter at hand, but a deep research element that explores a variety of relevant content including symbolism and historical references. For example one of his projects begins with analysing nature and eyes for an eco-friendly opticians, whilst another explores falling water and architectural wonders.

On closer inspection there is influence from other artists and constant redrafting of ideas, sometimes going through tens of variations of one possibility, and that is only in the initial stages. Whilst hard work and a huge amount of time is invested in this area, Ivey doesn’t intend to limit himself. Forever looking to the future and expanding both creatively and professionally, he has his eye on other areas of design including moving images.

Whilst there is great opportunity in an ever-expanding digital world, Ivey does acknowledge the fact that with a greater level of opportunity there is also a huge increase in competition and to be inflexible in any way is a hugely limiting factor. With his eyes set on the future with a higher demand and supply of new and evolving technology and interactive media, he is keen to expand his exposure in the creative world and insists that every avenue is worth a try.

A very hard work ethic goes a long way, and Jordan Ivey has the understanding and motivation to continue to build not only his portfolio but also his skills in creative media. It’s certainly going to be interesting to see how this individual progresses and what art that he will go on to be part of and maybe even play a role in defining.

To view some of Jordan Ivey’s work visit:

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