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Jackson and his Computerband to Release New Album ‘Glow’

You may, or may not have heard of Jackson and his Computerband, but one thing is for sure – you’ve got to take a listen.

Jackson hasn’t released an album since his 2005 debut Smash, which saw a little bit of mainstream success and a pretty large underground following spawn. This September however, he’s going to release his follow-up album, Glow.

It’s clear that Jackson isn’t trying to create simple, easily-accessible music, but is trying to experiment. Making use of his own custom-made instruments, his tracks are filled with electronic intricacies, not trying to obtain simple hits, but creating abstract soundscapes.

These are the reasons why Jackson and his Computerband’s music has been marked as a ‘masterpiece’ by many listeners, but also the reason why you probably haven’t heard of him.

Given the nature of his first album and tracks like Utopia and Fast Life,  Glow  at the very least, will be extremely interesting to hear.

Glow  is set to be released on 02.09.13 on Warp Records and Jackson promises an all new live show as his “..computerband is now fully alive”.


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