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Interview With The Dedicated Nothing

About a week ago, I posted an article called ‘Boardmasters Band to Watch: The Dedicated Nothing’. In this article, I told you all about this fresh-sounding indie band based in Biarritz, the South West of France, and how they captured my attention on a quiet Saturday afternoon at the Boardmasters festival in Newquay. You can read more about what I had to say about their performance and their EP here.

In this past week, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a little time talking to them about their debut EP; Running Away, their plans for the future and their influences. This is what they had to say:

HOLDUPNOW:  I was lucky enough to watch you guys play at Boardmasters, how did you enjoy the experience?
TDN: It was a premiere for us to hit a big festival’s stage in the UK, and doing music that is directly inspired from the UK, it felt an honor to be invited to play at Boardmasters and share the stage with Miles Kane or the Vaccines; we did enjoy every minute of it as well as the whole journey from Biarritz to Newquay…

HOLDUPNOW: How did you guys meet one another?
TDN: Franck (Drums) and Greg (Lead vocals) knew each other from back in the days, surfing around Biarritz in South West France, then Clement (lead guitars) got on-board through common friends they had and Mat (bass) used to have a band with Franck ten years ago… The crazy thing is how we connected, got along so well both musically and personally to become the best friends we are and continue to enjoying things after a couple of years putting our whole into this project

HOLDUPNOW: What band made you want to play music professionally?
We have several influences varying from Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Maccabees… We all came with our own personal experience, inspirations and love of music but definitely stand on a common basis, indie rock music from the 80s all the way to the 2000s… Joy Division’s story, music and influence also remains right up there when thinking of bass lines… I guess this whole big pot has definitely helped us in creating our own sound and music.

HOLDUPNOW:  What’s your next step as a band, do you have any plans for an album in the future?
We are about to hit the studio at our record label’s offices (Drop In Music) to work on our second EP. We definitely have the will to get an album out in the short-term but we also want to mature on our sound and the option of going for a second EP gives us that window to continue growing our experience, sound, composing, while keeping some fresh stuff for the album… We’ve got a good 15 songs already “in the box” and awaiting post-production, so we definitely have plans to keep going!!! We are just so stoked on all that’s happening!

HOLDUPNOW: What’s your favourite song to play from the Running Away EP?
I guess Running Away has this very special thing for us all… It is the first song we ever composed together… And it literally came in a week, the first week we ever played together. It’s funny how that song pretty much is foundational in our whole story, because it created this momentum from Day 1. Franck had a couple of ideas, then Greg added another couple, Clement came in with the second guitar… And BOOM, it was done!!!

HOLDUPNOW: Do you prefer your acoustic sessions or your electric shows?
Definitely electric shows as this is what we have been doing our music for since Day 1. However, the acoustic exercise was great to re-think some songs, and it actually brought some tweaks to the original versions so the whole creative process benefits from both. But we want to plug those guitars, get the drums out loud and throw the energy that goes with it.

HOLDUPNOW: Who would be your dream band to tour with?
Mmmm… I guess if we had to say one, of the moment, The Maccabees… But Two Door Cinema Club are just amazing, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys… There are so many amazing inspiring bands out there you know… Can you help us tour with any of those ? Haha, we would go for it!

HOLDUPNOW: If you could choose one country you’ve never been to, to play a show, where would it be?
That would probably be different for each of us but the main thing is to play, on nice stages with the right sound. So anywhere we can get that, we would do it. Then I guess BEST KEPT SECRET festival would be a sick destination to find out about, Germany as well has a great music culture, and I guess anywhere fans love music is always going to be attractive.

HOLDUPNOW: Where has been your favourite place to play so far?
Our best gig definitely went on in Biarritz, home, for the BIG Festival. We opened the evening for Two Door Cinema Club, had all the local support, the right sound engineers (Mat & Mako), our studio sound engineer hanging out, friends, families, etc… But moreover, we just felt so good, relaxed and things flowed like never before. Such a great memory. Then we stayed to listen to Two Door… And got blown away!

HOLDUPNOW: Tell us a little bit about the album art for the Running Away EP
The whole aesthetic and imagery we love is really reflected on that cover… Is it what you mean with “album art”? We have this common interest for black & white, beautiful images, mixing a dark side with an energetic sound and attitude… We have fun thinking that cover is what reflects the band’s state of mind and sound… Aesthetic, out of frame, inspiring… haha! Well, anyone can interpret it with his vision.

HOLDUPNOW: Why has Miki Dora had such an influence on you as a band?
Well, we have seen a kind of rebirth of the classic late 50′s surf culture recently, and we like this gentleman rocker, gentleman surfer far from the usual surf bums clichés and blond hair dudes riding VW… There is great history and culture that embraces art, fashion, music, surf and both urban & beach environments… Dora is one of the best guys to ever hold all of that, being a rebel, stylish, outlaw, surfing legend. And we found the band’s name in Dora’s autobiography! This dude had his peers classified in four groups back in the days in California, one of them he called out as “The Dedicated Nothing”, which we interpreted as those dudes who dedicate themselves to purely enjoying life, committing to nothing but fun… That’s how we’ve lived our music and adventure till now, so it fits just perfectly!

HOLDUPNOW: If you weren’t musicians, what would your ideal profession be?
I guess… There is no other ideal profession, right? Haha. This is what we do, we love it every day, and more. So lets stick to that for as long as possible.

HOLDUPNOW: Do you have any plans to return to England for more shows?
Not at this stage, but we have contacts and we recently met Citizens, got along pretty well and hopefully we can share some gigs with these nice dudes shortly… And hey, UK producers, you can reach out to us anytime!

HOLDUPNOW: If you could give any advice for hopeful musicians, what would it be?
Be just true to loving the music, keep dreaming of hitting those big stages and as long as you are more concerned about doing great music than about the hype and shit around it, then the option to grow big remains!

So there we have it! If you want to hear more about The Dedicated Nothing, you can check them out on their:

 Facebook page, | official website. 

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