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Interview with Owl Vision

Interview with Owl Vision

Johannes Arnesson, also known by his moniker, Owl Vision, is an artist who places himself in the obscure genre of ‘Death Electro’. As you can probably guess, aside from his name, this must mean he’s from Scandinavia. Gothenburg, Sweden to be precise. In his short years, he’s played most of the big festivals and clubs across Sweden and poises to reach beyond his home country. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Johannes about what it means to be an artist, some of his latest music, how he makes it, and how you can get a foot in the door.

HUNOW: It is a pleasure to talk to you Johannes, how are you today? 

OV: I’m ok, I’ve got a major cold though. Kinda frustrating, hehe.

HUNOW: We’re very excited here at HOLDUPNOW about the release of Lightshy after hearing the preview on your Soundcloud page. Can you tell our readers why this is such a significant release for you? 

OV: I’ve been getting great response on the tune so far and it’s not even out yet. [It] Just broke the 100K plays on the exclusive preview in 4 days. On some occasions I give a little extra focus on the melodies of the song when I produce and Lightshy is definitely one of those tracks.

HUNOW: We notice that you’re from Sweden, best known musically for dance/electro and gothic/death metal. It seems that you have a healthy combination in your music. Can you tell us whether or not this was an intentional hybrid?

OV: I grew up listening to thrash metal and heavy metal so it has definitely influenced me a lot. I tried going the dark way in the path of electronic music and not caring about what is popular in charts and radio. If I were to start making typical EDM [Electronic Dance Music] all of a sudden just to make more money it would show because it would go against my artistic integrity.

HUNOW: You released an album last year called Dystopia. The album plays almost as though it could be a score for a horror film. Do you view your work as artistic expression or more for the purposes of filling the Gothenburg nightclubs? 

OV: Definitely artistic expression. If I could make a living on just producing I probably would. I haven’t been interested in going out clubbing in a very long time. I really love going to festivals though!  And as for the album sounding like a score, that is the ultimate compliment for me because that is how I often think when putting a release together. So thanks!

Owl VisionHUNOW: Would you ever consider using your music for the purposes of the film industry or would you rather it was held in a purely musical regard?

OV: I would love to connect my music to films, that is one of my dreams since I’m a real cinephile. Either making the score or just having my original productions adapted to a story.

HUNOW: From listening to as much as your work as we could find on the internet, we’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a very unique artist. Where do you find your inspiration?

OV: I mostly find my inspiration in visual art. Movies, paintings, drawings, whatever. [It] Could be the news sometimes and me reacting to current events.


HUNOW: Following your run of success in Sweden, having playing major festivals and venues, which country is next on your list to conquer?

OV: I’m open to suggestions. I’d like to go anywhere fans wanna see me play!


HUNOW: There are many artists on the circuit today that like to consider themselves dance artists, or electro artists, and rely heavily on technology. What do you believe really sets apart one musician from another in the ‘electro-world’?

OV: If you’re truly interested in music you can see through the fake artists just copying each other and doing the same stuff over and over again.
I mean it’s not exactly brain surgery to figure out that a whole lot of radio EDM [Electronic Dance Music] sound exactly the same. I can’t even tell the difference from some artists when a new track comes on. It’s just the same old thing over again. The sad part is that the radio base their song selection on demand which means that this is what people wanna hear when it comes to electronic music. Which is s**t music where every song is made by 5 different producers to create the ultimate money-maker. I don’t have anything against making money off your tunes but when the main purpose is CA$H [sic] it kind of shines through…

Owl VisionHUNOW: When you’re creating your work, what equipment could you not do without? 

OV: My analogue bass synthesizers and my distortion pedal. They are with me on almost every tune I create.

HUNOW: Do you create your own samples and beats and how much of it is the product of collaborations? 

OV: I actually started out making hip-hop beats and sampling old records and making beats out of them. Check out an old tune that I produced if you’re interested: Army Of The Pharaohs – Feast Of The Wolves.

After some years I really wanted to create my own melodies so I tried out some software synths before soon buying my first analogue synth. After that I’ve created every sound myself (except for drum sounds which are mostly samples).

HUNOW: For any of our readers that consider themselves as up-and-coming producers, what advice could you provide to help them on their journey? 

OV: Be inspired but always try to create something new and fresh! No one wants to hear a copy of someone else’s tune.

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