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Interview with Ashestoangels

We took some time to speak to the very different Goth-Punk band Ashestoangels. If you want to see what goes on in their interesting heads, then read no further than this interview.

HUNOW: How did you come up with the name ‘Ashestoangels’?

ATA: It’s a David Bowie thing. The first thing I came up with was Ashestoashes, and our old drummer suggested ‘Ashestoangels’.  Seemed right and I couldn’t imagine being called anything else.

HUNOW: Tell me the brief history of the band? How you all met etc.

ATA: For a while we were playing with programmed drums and we met Jim at a gig. He joined not long after that. I met Nico outside a horrible/wonderful rock ‘n’ roll hole in Bristol and when our old bassist hung up his 4 strings Nico was in like a shot haha. Adam knew our merch girl from an AFI show and saw us for the first time when we played with My Passion. He was at our old guitar players final show and was at rehearsal with us a few days later haha.

HUNOW: What bands have and still inspire you all to tour and make music?

ATA: Love bands like Aiden, AFI and The Misfits. All the bands we play with push us to work harder. Touring is our favourite thing and we can’t get enough of it.

HUNOW: Because the genre isn’t incredibly popular on the music scene, was it difficult to be accepted as a goth-punk synth band?

ATA: We’re making our own scene haha. Waiting around will not get you anywhere so we just started doing it ourselves.

HUNOW: Your fans are crazy and very enthusiastic just like yourselves, but can you think of anything else that makes unique to AshesToAngels?

ATA: I don’t know if it’s unique to us but we are trying our hardest to break down the barriers between our audience and the band. We want them to know that this is one big family and it’s awesome seeing people from friendships within the community that we are trying to build. A lot of people who are drawn to our band seem to feel very alone. We want them to know they are not.

HUNOW: How long does it take for Nico to put on AND remove the glitter he wears every night on stage?

ATA: He has an industrial shaker full of glitter and he just kind of goes to town! As for taking it off he does try, but it never comes off totally. Everything we own is slightly sparkly.

HUNOW: How and when did you all meet William Control (Aiden)?

ATA: We lured him in with a tweet about producing some punk rock in Bristol. Then we snuck up on him at the airport and put him in the van. We fed him Starbucks until the Stockholm syndrome set in and now we are friends haha. Also Zombie Nick, Keef, Trox and Kenny were there.

HUNOW: What did it feel like working with him and getting him produce With Tape and Needles; the band’s first full length album?

ATA: Amazing. He worked us really hard but we needed that. Plus if I have to have my songwriting criticised, it’s much easier to take from someone who’s opinion I respect.

HUNOW: Kerrang! and Hit The Floor magazine have already reviewed the album and have given heaps of positive feedback, tell me have you had any negative opinions on it so far?

ATA: It’s all been pretty positive. We had a review from Dorian that didn’t seem to like it that much but that’s about it.

HUNOW: AshesToAngels have been shooting a music video recently, how was the experience?

ATA: Great! Most fun we’ve had on a shoot for sure.

HUNOW: How was working with Marianne Harris on that?

ATA: Wonderful. Marianne shares our ‘lets just get it done’ work ethic and we get on great with her. The whole thing was a pleasure to shoot.

HUNOW: If you could be any sea creature, what would you be and why?

ATA: Octopus for sure!  If they didn’t have a built in self destruct system they would take over the world. Oh the boxes I would open..

HUNOW: For the readers of HOLDUPNOW is there any advice that you think it’s important to offer about the music industry?

ATA: Guitar players/bass players – tuning pedal. Drummers practice with a metronome. Singers, listen to your own voice as you sing haha. As for general advice I would say it’s never been more feasible to have a proper go at this music thing. Just practice as much as you can and do whatever it takes to get bodies to your shows.

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