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In the Basement: An Interview with Harriet Jones

Here is an interview with Harriet Jones. This interview explores Jones’ recent success and what she thinks about it all. Enjoy!

holdupnow: when did you start playing/writing songs?

Harriet Jones: I wrote poems first, then terrible songs, then bearable songs.

holdupnow: As an artist, you seem to pride yourself that you haven’t ever played a cover song. Why is this? Do you play other material in your personal time?

Harriet Jones: I guess to me Its the fact that anybody can play a cover song and I think they’re only worth doing if the person can bring something new to it and I don’t think I can. I’ve also written poems ever since I was a kid so I find it easy enough to write songs, that I dictate my meaning of, to the degree that I don’t feel the need to sing other peoples stuff… at the moment.

holdupnow: You’re set to play the Knee Deep Festival and Volksfest among Willy Mason and Hard-Fi, how does that feel?

Harriet Jones: Really cool. Willy Mason is the absolute king of simplicity’s power.. and that voice! And Hard-Fi have been pretty high up on the hit parade as per se, so that’s always cool.

holdupnow:  How did you manage to secure a slot at both of these festivals, do you feel lucky or that your work has finally paid off?

Harriet Jones: I just wrote to everyone who would listen. Like everyone, I’ve long been told about ‘who you know’ trumping ‘what you know’ and having never been naturally blessed with contacts, I suppose I had to make them.

holdupnow: What hardware do you favour using and why?

Harriet Jones: I have a handy little Samson mic which I just use to record anything I come up with song-wise and need to remember. Might be too ancient to call hardware, but I usually write my songs up on an old Olympia typewriter and my guitar’s just a secondhand Tanglewood acoustic; I’ve got a hollow body electro-acoustic Tanglewood that I’ll use for the electric parts on my songs. Also, my Sony record player and grandmother’s complimentary vinyl hoard..

holdupnow: Your songs seem to have developed a huge amount within a few months, what’s brought this on?

Harriet Jones: They do all differ a little bit I suppose. I wouldn’t say Its all that intentional; I always pay the most mind to the words and just see what works around it. In terms of a progression; Its just been something I thought told the stories better, nothing too intentional.

holdupnow: Can you give any personal tricks of the trade for the readers of holdupnow? Are there any specific techniques that you would recommend?

Harriet Jones: Oh god, ermm.. prideless honesty, even if the scenario’s a lie.

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