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HUNOW – The Past and Future

birthday one

Today we celebrate HOLDUPNOW’s first birthday. It’s been a busy year finding our feet and growing our team, but it’s been lots of fun. We’ve made some big changes and we’ve got lots more to make, so we thought we’d write this post to have a look over our first year and let you get a feel of what’s going to come next.

The Highlights:


We’ve reviewed music festivals, video game expos, a film première at Parliament and a huge number of songs, albums, concerts and films.

Knee Deep Festival

Our top 5 this year have been:

Defazed – Am I Dreaming EP 

ExPlay 2012

Knee Deep Festival 2013 

Secret City 



Interviews are something that have become our speciality in a lot of ways. You readers seem to love hearing from the industry and we’ve loved interviewing your favourite people for you.

It’s a tough call, but here are our top 5 interviews this year:


Bullet For My Valentine

Frank Turner



The Future: 

New Looks, New Site.

Final AlignedToday we’ve unveiled a redesigned logo to represent us growing as a brand. This is the first of a number of aesthetic changes we’re making to refine our style. As well as our new logo, we will now have a new video introduction rolled out across all of our video content, something which will be recognisable and will be the HUNOW stamp across our productions.

The biggest and most exciting aesthetic change that we’re making is part looks, part functionality. We’re working on a major site redesign, with a focus on accessibility and interaction for the end user (all of you lovely people). The new site will allow you to see more featured content, access the individual pieces of content that you’re looking for (interviews, reviews, news etc) and allow you to explore more content from the moment you first enter our website. Not to mention it will look new and shiny.

Format Expansion

We’ve been very successful in terms of the content that we’ve been getting for you all, but we want to expand on how you get it. Recently we’ve started to engage in producing video content, which is something that you’ve seemed to enjoy. Following your response, we’ve had a number of meetings and have been busy putting together and setting up film crews. This means that we’ll be bringing you more of that visual eye-candy you seem to love.

Ambitious Projects

Given that we’re a group of creative people, we’ve got lots of crazy and ambitious ideas. It’s too early to let you in on them right now, but if all goes well you have a lot to look forward to.

Thank You

Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank you. You’ve supported us from the beginning while we’ve sorted ourselves out, expanded our team and brought you lots of content. It’s been an exciting journey and we’ve loved hearing your ideas, being sent your content and generally having you get involved. We’re looking forward to making more media that holds your attention and having an even better year than our first.

You can stay up to date with us by visiting our website or our:

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 


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