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Game Review: Castles In The Sky


If there are those who still question,

Whether games can be seen as art,

I challenge you to play Castles in the Sky,

It’s a game which will melt your heart.

You play as a little boy,

Who grabs onto a red balloon,

And is pulled up to the clouds,

To see the sky, stars and moon.

As you travel up and up,

Words appear in the sky,

A story is told in poetry,

While you hop between clouds up high.


The game is simple,

It only takes one click to jump,

But don’t worry if you miss,

You’ll just land with a bump.

There are rings to collect too,

But don’t feel like you have no say,

This is more of a book , rather than a game,

It’s just really fun to play.

The music is wonderful,

Much nicer than the charts,

The game looks beautiful too,

With bright colours and pixel art.


It’s not a long journey,

You’ll be done in ten,

But it’s so lovely,

You’ll have to play again.

It’s only $1.50,

So give it a try,

You won’t regret it,

When you play Castles in the Sky.

You can find out more about Castles in the Sky at:


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