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From Chef to Chart Topper

It is no secret that the only thing Internet Explorer’s recent ad made popular was Alex Clare. I don’t think it would be a push to say that the advert had the most heavily Shazam’d piece of music this year, launching his first album into the charts.

The Sound

Alex Clare’s debut album, ‘The Lateness of the Hour,’ is in my eyes an eclectic masterpiece. A refreshing twist on dub step sounds with an innovative glimpse of world music woven between the lines.

If you haven’t heard of him before now, chances are you’ve heard ‘Too Close,’ especially after Radio 1 got their paws on it and ensured you heard it at least twice on your way to work.  The Album is a brave attempt to show more than one side to his music, contrasting the familiar ‘wob’ of dubstep bass with tracks such as ‘I Won’t Let You Down’; an angelic duet between a man and his piano.

We can’t deny he has the right idea when it comes to writing music; in an interview on his official website he stated “there are so many sounds you can put on a song, but you just end up filling up space and music needs space. Listen to John Coltrane! It’s all about quality, not quantity.”

The Person

Like most new artists I always try to avoid seeing them in the flesh; I let the music paint the full picture. However, in a desperate attempt to see what he has lined up for us in the future I finally caught a glimpse of the ginger-bearded man that would look more at home on the farm than in front of a microphone. Certainly not the picture I had painted, but hopefully he won’t be replacing the guitar with pitchfork any time soon.

We could still find him with a fish slice as his main instrument; as a self proclaimed awesome cook and trainee chef Alex always made sure he had a career to fall back on in case that big break never came. Thankfully that break came; but who should receive credit for this break is widely debated; should it go to the marketing team at Microsoft or the man himself, and the hours of free gigs and open mics he threw himself at. Either way someone needs to be thanked for bringing his music to the masses.


The Future

 I was delighted to hear Alex is itching to get started on his next album; there are even whispers of an orchestra being involved. I get the impression we should expect much of the same just on a bigger scale, I just hope he doesn’t start repeating himself; focused on a format he knows works and not adventurous enough make his new album a revolution not a re-hash.

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