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Game Preview: SUPERHOT

Some games are remembered for their gripping plots. Some for their incredible art style and some for their thrilling gameplay. Others still are remembered for their gimmick. SUPERHOT will be remembered for its gimmick. Not only because it’s just a great idea, but because it works so well too.

In SUPERHOT, time moves only when you move. When played like a normal first-person-shooter, it feels like a normal (albeit difficult, it only takes one bullet to kill you) first-person-shooter. When played how it should be played however, it feels very unique indeed.


If you don’t move, neither will the enemies. If you do, so will they. Your goal for each level (the levels that are playable at the moment at least) is to eliminate all of these enemies. The way you’ll go about this the majority of the time is by shooting them. Pulling the trigger counts as moving, so when you shoot, so may they. Bullets almost break the game’s rule: they do move when you don’t, but very slowly. Making it trivial to see them coming and maneuver out of harms way.

One level sees you placed, weaponless, on a straight, narrow pathway with three armed enemies at the other end. You must navigate your way to the other end of the pathway while your three opponents fire at you, dodging their bullets and slowly edging forward until you are close enough to disarm one and finish the other two off. It highlights the way SUPERHOT needs to be played; try and run to the other end and you’ll quickly meet your demise.

SUPERHOT is a game which makes you feel incredibly cool. Dodging a stream of bullets feels very Matrix-esque and if taking out a room baddies one-by-one (throwing your empty gun down in frustration halfway through) without even taking a scratch doesn’t make you feel badass then I don’t know what does. An end-of-level replay of your actions in real time seems like a feature perfectly suited to this game, hopefully it’s something that the developers will incorporate into the final product.

SUPERHOT is a game which feels incredibly cool too, in fact, it practically oozes coolness. Instructions are blasted onto the screen in huge letters throughout the missions. At the end of each level, the words ‘SUPER’ and ‘HOT’ are repeated in an eerie, deep voice as they continously flash on-screen. The only colour in the game, bright red, is found in the enemies and a handful of other objects, the rest is a bleak grey.

SUPERHOT was entered into Steam Greenlight back in September and became the fasted game to be ‘greenlit’ ever, taking just five days. There’s no word yet on when it will be officially released on Steam but in the meantime, there’s a free trial of the game on its website (requires Unity). You can check out the awesome trailer too here.




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