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Film Review: The Guest


The Guest stars Dan Stevens as former soldier David Collins who turns up at the door of the Peterson home one day, claiming to have been a friend of their recently deceased son Caleb. The Peterson’s quickly become rather fond of David, and he is invited to stay with the family for a few days. However not everything is quite as it seems and strange events soon start to take place which suggest that David may not be exactly what he claimed.

The Guest seems to have flown somewhat under the radar since being released last year, I hadn’t even heard of it until earlier this year, but I loved it. It is a film which oozes style and is accompanied by a fantastic ‘synth-y’ soundtrack reminiscent of the one used to such great effect in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. Dan Stevens plays the role of David to perfection, at once being both charming and foreboding. The film’s opening scenes start slow, building individual relationships between David and each member of the family, and builds to brilliant climax which takes place in a Halloween maze.

If I had one criticism it would be that the reveal of David’s true identity is a little uninteresting, and in general I was hoping for the film’s mystery to be more intriguing than it actually is. I went in expecting a surreal core beneath the realism of the story’s outer shell and instead got something a little more down to earth. This isn’t a huge problem as the film is interesting enough visually and aurally to make up for the more pedestrian plot.

The Guest is a film which you should have a lot of fun with, I certainly did, and has a soundtrack which you’ll most likely be listening to long after the credits roll.


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