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Film Review: Springsteen & I

Springsteen & I
is a fan-sourced documentary, where Bruce Springsteen fans film themselves. The film was made from 3,000 hours of footage that had been submitted by over 2,000 fans from all around the world. The footage consisted of people discussing what his music means to them and telling stories about events that have happened because of the man many fans know as The Boss. Scattered throughout the documentary are excerpts of concert footage that fans have filmed themselves as well professionally filmed concert footage.

From older life long fans who have seen The Boss 30 times to less than pleased partners who are continually dragged along to Springsteen concerts by their other halves, the film really shows the breadth of different people whose lives have been effected by Springsteen.

The film was heart warming and at times it became very emotional, watching grown men reduced to tears over how much Bruce Springsteen’s music means to them and how it has changed their lives. The film was also very funny, with fans recounting embarrassing stories and others showing off their questionable filming skills!

By the end it felt like you’d been on a journey with the other people in the cinema. As people got up to leave, other cinema go-ers warned them that they would miss the extra footage that was to be shown at the very end and the whole cinema shared a laugh as some fans playfully booed the exiting couple. After watching an hour and a half of fans discussing how Bruce Springsteen had brought people closer together, including one man who recited a story where he’d been hugged by a stranger during a particularly emotional moment at a concert, he was still bringing people together, this time in the setting of a cinema.

The couple who nearly left will have been glad they were warned to stay as after the credits have finished there is still plenty more Springsteen to be enjoyed. A short epilogue followed, re-visiting some of the fans who had been featured, this time with more professional filming equipment, and Bruce Springsteen himself even talks about the experience!

Following the epilogue, around 30 minutes of cinema exclusive concert footage from Springsteen’s 2012 headline show at Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park was shown, garnering applause and a sing along from the fans in the cinema.

Whether you’re a die-hard Springsteen fan or only know a few songs, this film is still worth a watch – especially if you’re a fan of great music documentaries. Much like some of the fans featured, even if you don’t listen to The Boss, he may still be able to impact your life, even if it’s only for 105 minutes.

Springsteen & I was released in the UK on 22nd July 2013. Release dates may differ elsewhere in the world so to find out when it’s showing where you are please visit:


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