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Featured Artist: Cameron Micallef

I am Cameron Micallef. I am a Digital Artist, Designer and Creative thinker. I create image manipulations, websites and I am even getting into app design and coding! I love anything that is atmospheric, visually exciting and technologically brilliant.

I am a Plymouth University student and I am studying Digital Art and Technology (basically anything creative with a computer). I have been creating image manipulations with Photoshop for over three years now and I love it! Sometimes I will make something specifically for a project I am working on, sometimes to make a joke and the rest of the time I make them just because I enjoy doing it! I get my inspiration from most things I encounter, films, books, music, games, even something as simple as looking at the sky. My aim in life would be to work as a lead designer for a major games/film corporation as I love creating atmospheres and visual effects, I also love playing games and watching films!

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