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EP Review: WHY? – Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets

Artist: WHY?

EP: Golden Tickets

Tracks: 7

Release Date: 17th September 2013

Label: Joyful Noise Recordings

It’s not often that a band releases an EP in a genuinely different way, but WHY? have managed just that. The story of how their new EP Golden Tickets was formed, is quite a strange one, but it’s very interesting.

Over the course of a few months, WHY? picked out a few people that came to their online store. The people who were selected were to have a theme song written about them, which was referred to as a ‘Golden Ticket’. The band then did some digging to get to know some information about that person for their song. Frontman Yoni Wolf explained that they would “read all about them on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes even go so far as to contact their significant other to ask them questions.”

Alongside the strange conception of the EP, the songs are also quite different.

Hunter Van Brocklin

This opening track tells the tale of a man, Hunter Van Brocklin, who moved to the West coast to compose music. This song has a very pop-like feel, with some reoccurring backing vocals which give a very relaxed feel to the track. There isn’t too much information within the song, as it’s quite short, but the song definitely lets the listener know what the concept of the album is from the onset.

Banana Mae

The second track  Banana Mae features some very odd vocal parts such whispering and a part in which a cartoon-like voice says “Not like anime like animation but like Anna Mae, like two words-like Anna and then Mae, like Anna Mae, like Anna Mae Banana Mae”, which is surreal to hear. After that unusual auditory experience there’s then a very high pitch section which sounds like a Flight of the Conchords song, which made me laugh quite a bit. However, the chorus is actually extremely catchy, singing “follow me, follow me, please, please, follow me”, referring to Twitter. This is a song which I feel could be a bit of a guilty pleasure for people, catchy, but cheesy.


This is a short song, lasting only one minute and 25 seconds. It’s basically about a guy called Robert Fogg, who’s a religious man that likes to have fun and is an aerospace engineer. This song is quite simple sounding, it sounds as if the information has literally been noted down from Facebook and then sung. .

GM Hearts

This song is very humble sounding. It almost sounds sad, but is in actual fact about falling in love. There’s a very gentle and reflective atmosphere to this song which the band really pull off. It feels more like an average WHY? song and I think that this is one of the stronger tracks of the album.


An extremely sad song, this is all about a man that ruins his own relationship. Lyrics like “He could not control his fears, and so he lost what was dear” are quite intense, but much better for the content of a song than the likes of tracks like Fogg and Hunter Van Brocklin. This song is very dramatic and the instrumentation of the composition is very well done. This is definitely one of the most real feeling songs on the EP.


Each ‘Golden Ticket’ was given away in a different way, with Dropjaw being the given to the winner of a video content. The winning video was one that a man sent in of himself shirtless, doing nothing but talking without any sound. Yoni Wolf then wrote lyrics which looked like the man could be saying. This song is absolutely hilarious, with lines like “They say I love my kitty, but not like that man, not that way”, all in a Jamaican accent. It’s clear that a lot of fun writing the lyrics to Dropjaw was had.

Peta Godfrey 

This song has a classic WHY? chorus, that’s very soulful and makes you want to sing along. It’s not the most complex of tracks on the album, but that’s the beauty of it. This one’s definitely worth a listen.

Overall this EP doesn’t feel like a serious one. I wouldn’t count this as the next set of WHY? material that follows Mumps, Etc. but as more of a side EP, that’s quirky and a bit of fun. As per usual though, the quality of the production in the EP is very high and it’s great to hear more WHY? instrumentation, as it’s always done well. Despite me not taking this EP too seriously, there were still very strong points such as Peta Godfrey, Murmerer and GM Hearts. If anything, it’s nice to hear WHY? have a bit of fun on record, as they seem to have a lot of fun on the road. If anything Golden Tickets has made me more excited for a new WHY? album, whenever that will be made.

You can find about more about WHY? by reading our interview with them or visiting their:

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