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EP Review: Through Colour – Somnium

Artist: Through Colour

EP: Somnium

Number of Tracks: 5

Release Date: 30th September 2013

Label: Same Dance Records

Released on the 30th of September, Through Colour’s Somnium is the first of a two-part EP that covers the band’s journey to a brighter future. This instalment leans intimately towards the work of bands like Kids In Glass Houses. However, it’s certainly up for debate whether they’ve successfully used this style to create a concept piece worth listening to across two records.

Somnium’s opening track, Daydream, is one of the EP’s stronger points, the confidently upbeat opening bars immediately grabbing the listener by the ear. With little introduction, it certainly gives the impression of someone with eyes fixed on the horizon, diving into the world headfirst. As we encounter new tracks, however, it becomes apparent that this optimism sets up the EP’s moral of things not always working out the way we want them to.

Unfortunately, despite the clear message of the Somnium, Lost sees things take a turn that will not wash well with those who have bought into the first track as an intro to a fairly consistent rock album. The vocals take on a dangerously pop/boy-band-like edge and the instrumentals don’t match the enthusiasm of Daydream. The overall effect is something that slowly loses the interest of the listener as they realise Lost isn’t as committed to holding their attention as the first track. The general mood does, however, convey the protagonist’s sudden loss of direction after an initial bout of mindless optimism. It does seem, though, that this could be as far as praise goes for Somnium.

From this point on, Through Colour documents a downward spiral of negative emotion. However, we’re left wanting of an edge of darker, more sinister turmoil in order to really feel any kind of empathic drive to continue listening. Ink and Broken both suggest irritation at the state of affairs, but the problems never seem to be portrayed with enough emotion to make the listener care. A lack of showcased technical ability doesn’t help matters either. The limited chord and rhythm range, coupled with a terrible tendency to keep resorting to the same hammer-on/pull-off guitar melodies makes for an EP that is left sounding rather stale by the final track, Till the End.

1. Daydream

2. Lost

3. Ink

4. Broken

5. Till the End

It is true that Through Colour have made a respectable attempt to uphold good music-making values through using their talent to tell a story. However, a wider emotional and technical range may be needed before a full-length album is released. This, though, does not mean I don’t feel compelled to find out what the second half of the story will contain. The mood so far could certainly have been achieved in fewer songs, however, the lack of a resolution to the negative emotion of Somnium does tug at one’s curiosity.

Despite a bumpy start, Through Colour ought to be able to keep people listening long enough for the unveiling of the second EP later this year. It just remains to be seen how successfully it’s content will bring this concept series to a satisfactory ending.

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