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EP Review: The Dantes – Out Of The Dark


Artist: The Dantes
EP: Out of the Dark
Tracks: 4
Release Date: 3 July 2014
Label: Independent

Strolling out of Plymouth to the sound of their own jaunty guitar-driven hop, The Dantes released their debut EP, Out of the Dark, on 3 July.

The EP’s title track acts as the opener, it’s main riff containing a strut and swagger that boasts a personality full of rock and roll arrogance. After having gone through it’s softer motions, Out of the Dark comes full circle, revisiting this infectiously catchy side of the group in Time, establishing itself as a vibrant and textured, slightly rustic splash of colour on the backdrop formed by the band’s grey, indistinguishable contemporaries.

Stream the Out of the Dark in full, below:

The original duo’s sound has only become enhanced as the recent addition of a full-time drummer leaves the two vocalist/guitarists (Adam Wayne and Jack Humphreyson) to put their all into their soft, harmonious melodies.

This shines through particularly in Make You Know. An initially rather melancholy track is given a surge during its chorus, Wayne and Humphreyson’s voices combining to form a soaring warble that gently rises and falls, carried by a daintily bubbling acoustic-electric combination of guitar parts.

Dantes live

This clash of minor and major inspired emotions is characteristic of the little morsel of sound provided here by the Mumford and Sons inspired duo. Indeed there are clear sonic links to the country-rock group, however, what The Dantes appear able to do with two guys with a guitar certainly outstrips the depth of Mumford and Sons’ full-band, one-trick song writing style.

Indie bands are breed of music group that do struggle to define a strong personality in the sea of whats on offer today, sometimes falling into the generic dirge of Mumford and Sons and Arctic Monkeys. Here though, The Dantes manage to scour the mainstream for what inspiration can be gleaned and inject a tasty dash of grass-roots personality.

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