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EP Review: The City Is Ours – Giants

EP Review: The City Is Ours – Giants

Artist: The City Is Ours
Album: Giants
Number of Tracks: 3

Considering that we at HOLDUPNOW spend our entire lives surrounded by music, we’ve often thought about what it is that makes a band really special, and what makes them any different from any other band. We’ve decided that ambition is a vital addition to any band’s roster of weapons, and often it can be the fuel in the engine of success. High Wycombe band The City Is Ours would appear to have a full tank as they release their début EP Giants.

Having adopted a pop-punk/hardcore infused style, the three track EP draws considerable attention to the powerful pipes of Victoria McKenzie, the band’s vocalist, and in the title track, the band make known the extent of their perseverance to make a decent song.

As the EP continues there is certainly something about it that is reminiscent of groups such as Straight Line Stitch, among these early examples of TCIO’s material. Although screaming and singing duties are more divided between vocalists here, the overall ensemble achieves an unmistakable likeness. Roses, the follow-up track to Giants is a little more mellow in terms of tempo, however, at no point does it let up on the sense of defiance as quick changes in drum and guitar speeds break up the smoother vocally melodic sections. Nothing Will Ever Change provides an infectious rhythm on which the close the EP. At times this does involve some single-chorded guitar bashing, but as always the vocals manage to keep the track from failing to provide an incentive to keep listening.

Overall, Giants is a simple yet effective first impression of TCIO. However, while the band may now have the chance to walk among giants, there is certainly some ground to be made up before they reach that height. This is not an impossible notion though as already there has been potential shown through the winningly catchy combo of piercing, clear vocals, tight drums and crashing guitars. The screaming on the EP’s title track has yet to make further appearances so it will be interesting to see how this aspect may be developed but for now TCIO have a solid base on which to build their own giant.

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