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EP Review: Simple As

Simple As are a 4 piece alternative band from South Wales. A strong driving sound, with influences from Punk, Rock and Grunge (Blink 182, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana).

Simple As Live

Track Listing :

1- I Don’t Care
2- Your M.R.S
3- They Won’t Understand
4- At Least You Tried


I Don’t Care – This brutal EP opener immediately showcases all their influences, a fat guitar chord rings out     over grungy drums and builds to give way to this song’s main riff. Defiant, Loud and Angry;  I Don’t Care  is a great first track.

Your M.R.S – Opening with just bass and drums you may be fooled into expecting a softer song, but no! Simple As keep the energy with Your M.R.S  and step into a darker tonal world, with a grunge filled progression. The pre-chorus section begs to be chanted by the crowd, and the Chorus maintains the grungy ideals. This one is for the Nirvana fans.

They Won’t Understand – Relentless. This is the word to describe the energy in this EP. Powerful, Driving and Catchy, this song is surprisingly comparable to Hoobastank – Crawling in the Dark. A strong penultimate track.

At Least You Tried - A slower track this time, more like Nirvana here, Lithium rather than Smells Like Teen Spirit though. This song blends mellow verses with more energised, catchy choruses and a soaring guitar solo, to overall create a really good slower track.


Overall, Simple As’ self titled EP is a great listen, although the tracks could have been ordered differently to finish on a overdriven, grungy, dirty high. The songs aren’t overly complicated musically, but catchy throughout. The production is tight and consistent, definitely worth the money on iTunes (Link Below).



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