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EP Review: Shooting Stansfield – We Know Not What We Do

Artist: Shooting Stansfield

Album: We Know Not What We Do

Release Date: 7 June 2013

Number of Tracks: 6

On 7th June, Shooting Stansfield, released their third EP in as many years, ‘We Know Not What We Do’ (WKNWWD). Fans of the band will hopefully be pleased to hear the return of the Edinburgh quartet’s soft indie-folk. However, newcomers may be disappointed to find them to be a bit of a one trick band. If not that, then ‘We Know Not What We Do’ is certainly a one trick EP.

The key component to the opening track, ‘Blue Turns Black’ is a constant single-drum tapping. Whether it’s meant as a drum roll leading to each chorus, or heralding the start of the EP, it never really comes to a climax and as a result neither the track, nor WKNWWD as a whole kicks off properly. ‘Greater or Lesser’ is left to pick things up on its own and although it does create a decent, if slightly too late, start to the EP, there aren’t really enough unique qualities among the following tracks to set them apart from one another.

There’s not too much to Shooting Stansfield’s lyrics either. However, its saving grace does come in the form of a coherent production of vocals, allowing the listener to just sit and listen without much mental effort needed. As I say, the words don’t carry a particularly complicated message. This does mean, however, that easily interpretable lines such as, “If hollow’s not a normal thing then I’ll need filling in,” (lyrics from ‘There are no Greater Truths’) can be applied to a range of situations, making for relatable, if fairly generic, listening.

1. Blue Turns Black

2. Greater or Lesser

3. Sign of the Times

4. Satellites

5. There Are No Greater Truths

6. State of Mind

Despite being nothing new, I find its easy listening qualities are what work for ‘We Know Not What We Do’. Although it fades into the shadows cast by bigger bands with a similar sound, this EP will definitely find a home in the anti-stress playlists of those who pick it up. In this sense it is a success, however, Shooting Stansfield haven’t written something here that will survive outside of this context.

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