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EP Review – Shash’U – Thru Da Night


Artist: Shash’U
EP: Thru Da Night
Tracks: 5
Release Date: 13th January 2015
Label: Fools Gold Records

Canadian EDM maestro and proclaimed legit-funk phenomenon Shash’U has provided an EP which has proven to be an eclectic mixture, the likes of which you won’t see for a long time and likely haven’t seen before. It’s got elements of 1980’s synth pop, 1990’s hip-hop and futuristic lead melodies bounding over groove-laden bass-lines that’ll embed themselves deep in your brain for days on end. It’s exciting, it’s fresh and it’s something to look out for.

I’d like to start by painting a picture. Well, actually I’ll be using the pictures that Shash’U paints with his music. You wake up to find yourself in some cliché large city. Be it New York, LA or London. It’s different from you remember. Rubble is strewn about all over the place, it’s night and you hear distant sounds of gun-fights all around you. You look around and everyone is wearing this strange fluorescent clothing and padded armour. It’s the year 2130 as imagined by the 1980’s sci-fi script writers. This is the sort of wonderful scene conjured by this EP, well the first and last song anyhow. It’s magnificent. Subtly powerful and Jackson-esqe basslines, 1980’s guitar riffs and keytar leads blend to create this wonderful beast. You can’t help but smile.

The title track Thru Da Night features Mimo LaFunk and hammers you with relentless bass-lines, more of the keytar style leads and a wonderful addition of some vocals that have an almost Ellie Goulding feel to them for some reason. Not that I’m complaining. This track gives merit to the “funk phenomenon” badge so proudly worn. As does the wonderfully upbeat One More Ride, a gentler song with arcade soundtrack style leads and a much more laid back approach.

The best thing for me about this EP is that it’s just a teaser (And completely free, mind you!) Something this good is just preparing us for something bigger and even better. You can download the EP for free right here.

Shash’U releases his full-length on 31/03/15
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