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EP Review – Seafoal – Lucid Living


Artist: Seafoal
EP: Lucid Living
Tracks: 4
Release Date: 24th November 2014
Label: Negative Reaction Records

About a month ago I was introduced to something completely new via my Facebook feed. Yes, I know, never trust anything that appears there. Usually I’d ignore any suggestion from nearly anyone on there, but, this one came from the Impericon page. Usually filled with Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Comeback Kid and the like. That day however, they linked me to something acoustic. A video of a young woman sat in her attic, with an acoustic guitar, a microphone and her slowly plugging away through a surreal and enchanting cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s track Drown.

Something about her unusual tone, gorgeous melodies and the simplicity of her guitar work made me hunt for more. And so I found it in the form on her Facebook page and a link to another beautiful track, but this time, one of her own.

This exquisite EP starts with the aptly titled, Read It And Weep. Setting the tone from the get-go, a gentle acoustic melody floats across your mind. It feels decidedly raw and simple with its very low level of production and editing. Her self-proclaimed genre of “ambient folk or something” really comes across right away. And then, there’s the vocals. They’re something quite special. When I say that (I can hear audible groans already) I don’t say it lightly. The young vocalist Siana Sweeney has a very unique voice that pairs perfectly with the sparse guitar work to create something entirely unlike anything I’ve heard before. A gorgeous opening track, hints of the summers of your youth and growing up in the country. A running theme it seems.

Up next we have Talulah. A love song telling the story of a chance encounter and how it affected the lives involved. I can’t offer any conjecture as to whether it’s a true story or not but that doesn’t detract from how simply indulgent it is. More gentle melodies, warm summer breezes in the form of soft vocals and rhythmic acoustic guitar make this track. I had a hard time choosing between this and the last song for my favourite from the EP.

This is where the songs take a slight deviation. The warmth and tone are still there but a chilly breeze begins to blow and beckons the start of autumn from the depths of a long summer. Soulsick is another beautiful simple track which highlights the vocals. However, this is more of a confession of having to watch a friend suffer through something you yourself have experienced. Subtlety is king here, nothing overt in the lyrics, it’s simple and poignant like everything done in this EP.

Last but certainly not least, my very favourite track from this immensely impressive EP. from a very promising young artist. Fading takes the turn straight into autumn and dives headfirst away from the warmth of the other tracks. More vocal harmonies, gentle guitar and ambient sounds cascading around craft a magical spacious soundscape which is perfectly formed by the choice of music video. Well played. Being slightly longer than the other tracks and more intricate, this feels different. Carefully chosen percussion, strings and vocal harmonies show a great attention to detail on the part of everyone involved, it all feels in its right place. Nothing overt, nothing missing.

Overall, Lucid Living is a very well crafted piece of music that has been executed well and produced wonderfully. If you’re looking for something unique and purposeful then I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I expect great things from Seafoal in the future.

Seafoal is currently on a short tour of the UK.


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