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EP Review: Ross Palmer – Reassurance

EP Review: Ross Palmer – Reassurance

Artist: Ross Palmer
EP: Reassurance
Tracks: 4
Release Date:  9 June 2014
Label: Self Released

South East London-based songwriter Ross Palmer has just released his solo EP Reassurance. Palmer is heavily immersed in music, as well-being featured on BBC 6 Music with his band Sumner, he has also produced albums by Yo Zushi and James McKean. Palmer recently launched the four track EP at the 12 Bar Club in London.

The EP opens with the title track Reassurance. It features heart-felt lyrics and a surprising chord progression, the music of the track never goes where you’re expecting. This track is chilled out, interesting and a great opener to the EP.

The following track is titled That’s Not You. Slightly more upbeat than the EP’s opener, it again features heart-felt, genuine lyrics. This song’s melody tests Palmer’s vocal performance more and he does a pretty good job although it feels as though there are some moments where the vocal deserves more and it’s not quite there. This does not ruin the song completely and surely Palmer will continue to improve and impress and his vocal performances will become stronger as he records more of his own songs.

The following track is Teach Me To Believe. Slow and gentle with a beautiful guitar riff, it’s almost like a lullaby. It’s almost surprising this isn’t a cover, it could be along with classics such as You Are My Sunshine. This track really shows off the high level of song writing skill Palmer has.

Finally, the EP closes with the more upbeat Little Differences. The music for the track is of such a high quality it could almost be a song released by a major label band and is reminiscent of Coldplay’s earlier tracks like Don’t Panic and Shiver.

This EP is fantastic overall. Ross Palmer has shown he has a great amount of musical talent, especially seeing as all four tracks were written, recorded and produced by himself. The  EP also features beautiful cover art, which was designed by Yo Zushi.

Reassurance is available now via Ross Palmer’s Bandcamp

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