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EP Review: Red Rebel Patriots – Dominion

Red Rebel Patriots are a Progressive/Metal band from Cwmbran, South Wales. Their EP Dominion  is available for free listening on their Facebook page and also Soundcloud, which is below.

Track list:

  1. Augury
  2. Romulus and Remus
  3. Dominion

Augury  opens with an ominous clashing guitar riff, crashing into fast runs and deep lows. A change of feel into the verse, which is unusual but works well. Then into a Dreamtheater-esque, acoustic led chorus. This song is just dripping with riffs, progressions and soaring vocals.

Romulus and Remus  opens with an almost dissonant riff, again leading into a change of timbre (texture) and feel, at this point we get a feel for the band’s style, and they clearly enjoy changing both feel and mood multiple times in one song.

Dominion is the title track of this EP, and is like the other tracks so far, only on speed. You can feel changes galore, it’s a prog-metal fan’s wet dream. The band really demonstrate their technical skill on this track. This is also the only track to feature screaming vocals from singer/guitarist Ash Baker.

 Overall this EP demonstrates that Red Rebel Patriots are not just another ‘metal’ band, playing on the bottom two strings of an 8-String monster, and screaming their way through an album. A lot of work has gone into each track, and the result is a refreshing change from what we’ve come to expect from South Walean Metal bands.

Rating: 9/10

You can listen to the EP yourself below.

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