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EP REVIEW: Moving Mountains (Triple Crown Records) – New Light

The new EP from post-rock band, Moving Mountains, is certainly a change to say the least.

This recent release titled New Light is a re-interpreted version of previously released songs, which features many musical twists on the originals.

Although for die-hard fans of the group this may be a little difficult to get into, as it is rather different, it is important to remember that change isn’t always a bad thing.

New Light is a very interesting concept; it has taken this band’s previously released content and transformed it into an orchestra-like piece.

The first track on the EP titled Alleviate, demonstrates an intelligent set of lyrics that create very vivid imagery. An example of this is shown in the first line of this song which is “You can’t wake up if you don’t dream”. This is just the beginning, and as fans will know, the lyrics are of a good quality.

This song is followed by Ode We Will Bury Ourselves. This track almost blends into the first as they are very similar sounding. It does make good use of dynamicity as this track incorporates a violin, acoustic guitar and a multitude of other instruments that builds and gets very loud before dropping, revealing some softly sung vocals.

It seems that this EP has a theme throughout it. Not just a slight theme either; three of the four songs sound almost indistinguishable in many senses, as if they have been moulded into one piece.

New Light artwork

However, this is not entirely a good thing. The band have taken three unique sounding songs and essentially added lots of violin and acoustic guitar parts, to name a few. It is a factor that may get taken as either a great or awful creative move on the bands part.

My favourite track is 8105, the last song on the EP. This track has a great introduction that is really refreshing to hear. It incorporates some great slides on the acoustic guitar, which just leads on to even better things.

The drums suddenly crash in, sounding very characteristic and tight as they have done throughout each track. Suddenly the guitar plays melodic parts in the silence left by the co-operating drummer. The two instruments are taking it in turns to play their parts, before slowly blending into an immersive wall of sound. This song is genuinely unique and sounds like it could even be meant to be the conclusion to a four part EP journey.

Over all this EP sounds extremely well recorded and produced. The drawbacks of this are that it can have an impact on how the energy and emotion of the songs are portrayed to the listener, taking the reality out of otherwise much rawer recordings. There is definitely a great product in terms of the instrumentation and sound as a whole, but it can seem a little bland when even the vocals sound like they’re trying not to be a prominent part of the mix. It may be rare for vocals to be used very much in these genres, but if they are to be used, perhaps they should be featured a little more.

This has been very well put together, and it’s a very creative take on already well-received material. New Light is worth listening to if you are a fan or if you are going to listen to the whole EP at once, because it’s much better that way.

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