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EP Review: Matthew and Me – Golden Charms

EP Review: Matthew and Me – Golden Charms

Artist: Matthew and Me
Album: Golden Charms EP
Release Date: 21st July 2014
Tracks: 4
Label: Blanket Records

Matthew and Me will be releasing their new EP Golden Charms, on 21st July 2014 through Blanket Records. Produced by Bruno Ellington who has previously worked with a mix of other bands including The Maccabees, the four tracks featured on the EP show off the band and what they are trying to create. It’s hard to liken Matthew and Me to any other artist, because they sound like so many, but at the same time they sound like no one else.

The opening track of the EP is the title track, Golden Charms. Instantly catchy, the track opens the EP really strongly and could be a great song for radio. The band have already made an impact at Radio One and 6 Music with DJs like Steve Lamacq and Jen Long expressing support for the band after their previous releases.

The following track is September. This track is slower and more moody than the title track, but it’s not of a lower quality. The song is gentle and its great melody pulls you through over a slow but driven drum beat. The song kicks in nearer the end and becomes slightly faster, this build up is excellent adding more to the track. It could have been easy for September to be at one pace throughout but the slight build up stops the song from going nowhere.

The third track of the EP is titled Letters. This track starts very slowly and quietly and builds up gradually over the introduction to the song. Like the previous track, the slow start builds into a heavy drum pattern and vocals. The build up in this track takes a long time and once it did kick in the track moves into a long instrumental part, unfortunately this song goes by without making much of an impact and slightly lets down the rest of the EP, which features some fantastic tracks.

The final track on the EP is Rose To Find. This track brings the EP back up to the high quality the band was obviously going for. A slow, acoustic ballad this track is a fantastic, simple ending to the EP.

Overall, this EP is a good effort and it’s a really good showcase of what Matthew and Me are capable of. Golden Charms is sure to encourage more support from figureheads in the music industry and in return hopefully more success for the band.

Golden Charms will be out 21st July 2014. For more information please visit:
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