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EP Review: Le Castle Vania – Feels Like Fire

feels like fire

Artist: Le Castle Vania
EP: Feels Like Fire
Tracks: 5
Release Date: 24 June 2014
Label: Always Never

Following the Prophication EP, Le Castle Vania (LCV) came back on 24 June with the far from sloppy sophomore effort, Feels Like Fire.

LCV exhibits a powerful punch right from the start, as the unrelenting, reverberating electronic pogoing of Nobody Gets Out Alive Part II is set in motion. A sweat-inducing tempo is somewhat mitigated by wavering lines of shimmering electronic melody, introducing the record as a slavedriver on the dance floor, while still maintaining some simpler audio pleasures. LCV has opened Feels Like Fire up to be an intensely formidable sonic beast.

Maintaining this regal flare for versatile composing, LCV opens the gates to the first of the EP’s collaborators on Come Together, which features the seductively contrasting vocals of Mariana Bell poured over the undulating layers of vibrant electronic motion. This takes on a far more pulsatory form as Le Castle Vania uses Moving In Time as a relatively atmospheric bridging point between the two halves of Feels Like Fire

1. Nobody Gets Out Alive Part II
2. Come Together (feat. Mariana Bell)
3. Moving In Time (feat. Must Die & Mariana Bell)
4. Part Of Me (feat. Crywolf & Alyssa Palmer)
5. Driving Away (feat. SunSun)

Add Crywolf and Alyssa Palmer’s contributions to Part Of Me and the tentative toe that was dipped into the more expressive end of the pool in the previous track is now followed, full bodied, by the rest of LCV’s creative resolve as a shrill vocal punctuates a more weightless synth symphony.

Eventually, it’s time to ride clear of the destruction caused by the last four tracks, as we’re eased into Driving Away, featuring SunSun. Disorientating modulations and a softer feel to the overall track lends an air of breathlessness, one sure to be felt more literally by anyone who has been put the Feels Like Fire in its entirety.

Never missing a beat or indeed the opportunity to involve one, LCV successfully demonstrates an unwavering ability to keep a well-struck balance between primal and synthetic sound. The final result delivers an EP with a rhythm to cause a sweat but a melody to become lost and reflective in.

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