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EP Review: Keeper – Healthy and Delusional

EP Review: Keeper – Healthy and Delusional

Artist: Keeper
EP: Healthy and Delusional
Number of Tracks: 4
Release Date: 18th August 2014
Label: Pinky Swear Records

Following a successful UK tour, Loiner quartet Keeper are setting the pace for a successful break-through with the release of their new EP Healthy and Delusional, launched in their home town of Leeds. They describe themselves as a band who “explore the hardcore genre in a way that is pretty difficult to explain”, but that’s something we can excuse as Healthy and Delusional certainly speaks for itself. The combination of front-woman Courtney Levitt’s sultry vocals with raw emotion is consistent throughout, layered upon riffs that resonate passion with just the right amount of teenage angst!

Their pièce de résistance comes in the form of Chase Manson, the third track of Healthy and Delusional. It flourishes with an intro that sets the tone of the song, like no other track on the EP. The haunting vocals complement a dreamy bass line, almost reviving the nearly forgotten melodies of the grunge era, and all so effortlessly. The verses drift into a heavy chorus that’s sincerely aggressive, using the conventional methods of a rise and fall, building the tension with crescendo and letting loose.

With the highlight of the EP out-of-the-way, there can only be the disappointment left. I can only describe Cellar Door as one that lets the team down. Being the least lyrically inventive of the bunch, it holds elements of repetition that travels too far into the realm of monotony. As the shortest and most erratic of the four, it comes across as a filler track. Largely lacking in substance, Cellar Door is slotted in between songs of a significantly higher quality, thus falling short through this comparison.

Redemption is found buried within the opening track Ouch. Though we must forgive a few strained notes, Courtney’s impressive vocal range leaps to new heights, fuelled by enthusiasm that can’t go unnoticed. Concluding the EP is the riff heavy Feed it, giving off a metal vibe with all the heart of true Brit-Punk, it’s their energy in songs like these that are admirable and really summarise what it is that makes Keeper shine. Unfortunately, when we put Keeper on the scales, we’re getting a real hit and miss result. There’s no real sense of consistent quality throughout the EP, and after listening to Healthy and Delusional a few times, I can’t seem to shake the thought that Keeper are a dish best served live.

It’s not often you listen to a recording and can feel a band’s stage presence, but for me, their likeability stems from the energy they radiate through their music.It’s no surprise Keeper are still finding their feet, they’ve only been together two years, so teething problems aren’t unexpected. There are still subtle undertones that give them that ‘garage band’ feel, but they’re coming into their own and figuring out a refreshing sound that will separate them from so many in their genre.  That being said, for the moment Keeper are definitely a band to leave in the greenhouse, and return to once they’ve had the chance to grow.

Healthy & Delusional is now available for free streaming through Kerrang! and Pinky Swear Records are giving fans the chance to pre-order themselves a copy here – with only 300 available, you better move fast! In celebration of its release Keeper are holding a free launch show in Leeds, at Temple Of Boom on September 26. Whether you’re a big fan of their music or not, I guarantee Keeper will put on a show you won’t forget.

To find out more what Keeper are really about, check them out on Facebook.

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