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EP Review: Kaninchen – Loss

EP Review: Kaninchen – Loss

Artist: Kaninchen
EP: Loss
Number of Tracks: 3
Release Date: 27 May 2014

Spoken-word folk group, Kaninchen (German for rabbit), will release their EP, Loss, on 27 May this year.

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The Cornish band have broken the EP into tracks or “Acts,” that each deal with a different part of its title. Act I sets the scene by looking at the naivety and innocence of falling in love, while Act II and III more directly address the EP’s name by investigating the loss of that love and the acceptance of that loss, respectively.

As the title suggests, this won’t necessarily be an easy listen. The vocal elements, along with some subtle, yet intensely atmospheric instrumental backing make the emotional message very real very quickly. At times this is done in a very chilling way. The vivid imagery presented in Act II is the hardest to deal with as death becomes the sole theme, not sparing it’s listeners any of the grief inflicted upon the protagonist.

Difficult though some of the subject matter is, the hardship of listening to it is softened by the quality of music. The gentle, folksy guitar works up a cadence into which the listener can very easily become absorbed and lost.

Kaninchen certainly have talent for making their audience think. Without a vocal melody there’s less to cover up the actual message of the words. This does mean, though, that the rawness of what’s being said probably doesn’t make Kaninchen the kind of band that you would want to just go and listen to down at your local pub.

Dealing with their music in any form takes some kind of acceptance of the fact that you’re about to be moved in a rather uncomfortable way. Take this as the EP’s mission though, and it’s not difficult to appreciate what Kaninchen have been able to do here with such an instrumentally simple sound.

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