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EP Review: Josef Salvat – Hustler EP

Artist: Josef Salvat
EP: Hustler
Release Date: 9th June 2013
Tracks: 4

Now, Josef Salvat will be a name that many of you won’t have heard before, but I can assure you that he will be a name that you will hear a lot in the near future. To date, he has released the This Life EP, (Which you can read out review of here) and now his Hustler EP released earlier this month through Sticky Lips Music Ltd.

The Hustler EP works to the same format as the first EP, being the eponymous track, a radio edit and two remixes from contemporaries. On the first EP it was Bwana and Phat Deuce, but this time around Salvat produces two remixes by Kry Wolf and Xander Milne. If you were encouraged to listen to Salvat’s EP from the review earlier this year, then you’ll have heard the beautiful sound of Josef Salvat, a voice that very few men can claim to be sweeter than. The music can be best described as an alternative pop, almost dark pop reminiscent of The Smiths or Lana Del Rey. Salvat’s vocals are distant and melodic, and always uniquely syncopated, giving the effect of a rise and fall of emotions, and can even portray some emotional stability as will be intended in the lyrics of some of his songs.It’s Salvat’s unique syncopation that has to be one of my most favourite aspects of his music. He’s the sort of man that could make mono sound stereo.

The real question on everyone’s lips is “How long before an album?”. It seems sensible that releasing a full-length album would be the next step after releasing two stellar EPs. However, there is no mistake that Josef has encouraged us all to lend an ear to his music, and those who know of his music, couldn’t be more ready to hear a full-length recording.

Until then, this is Hustler:  just under four minutes of heartbreak set to a backing track, gorgeous melody and a simplicity that exhibits Salvat’s talent without needing to be flashy and false.

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