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EP Review: Immigrants – Immigrants

EP Review: Immigrants – Immigrants

Artist: Immigrants
EP: Self-Titled
Tracks: 4
Release Date: 17th October 2014
Label: Unsigned

Taking influence from the likes of Nirvana, Faith No More and Queens Of The Stone Age, London three-piece Immigrants transport you back to 90’s alternative rock scene with their self-titled, début EP. Having “a common anger directed against broad scale social issues such as inequality, war and oppression”, there is no denying the passion that laces through some infectious bass lines and growled vocals.

Right from the very first strum, Masquerade eloquently entices you into a memorable riff that even the biggest Taylor Swift fan would find difficulty in avoiding the nod of the head and the tap of the foot. Effortlessly, the song switches back and forth between punchy guitars to the relaxed tone of Andrew Cunningham’s vocals which showcases not only the talent to keep you hooked to the changing melody, yet the amount of potential that lingers on each word.

Sadly, the rest of the EP feels a little lacklustre in comparison. Don’t Back Down sits pleasantly in the background with its chilling harmonies, yet the vocals wash over the moody beat of the drums and leave nothing to be remembered. Damage provides some promise with a more upbeat sound and a clearer kick to Cunningham’s voice that makes for an enjoyable first listen, however the repetitive sound grows tiresome toward the middle of the track. Finally, Hole In my Heart flows with a softer tone but the harsh guitars disintegrate what could have been a gentle little grunge ballad; at least the lyrics are sweet enough.

As their first ever release, Immigrants should at least be proud of what they’ve achieved as they’ve managed to prove that they’re serious about not only their beliefs, but also the music that they make. There is certainly room to refine their undeniable talent and it would come as a surprise if they didn’t make a name for themselves through Masquerade alone.

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