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EP Review: Homebound – Coming Of Age

EP Review: Homebound – Coming Of Age

Artist: Homebound
EP: Coming Of Age
Number of Tracks: 6
Release Date: 21 July 2014

Following a two-year session of bracing themselves to take the plunge, Farnham pop-punk group, Homebound, released their début EP, Coming Of Age, on 21 July.

Feeding off a genre that took root during the 90s, American bands such as Four Year Strong and The Story So Far have recently been hard at work putting a modern spin on the pre-millennium sound. Homebound is the latest UK contingent to take on the challenge.

While only an EP, Coming Of Age seems to have been crafted to mimic an almost album-like structure. Indeed, the first track, Valour, takes you by surprise as it comes to an abrupt stop at 1:29, forming a punchy intro, each fist containing a good handful of uncertainty and angst aimed at the future.

Listen to this micro-album come to a head in the video for Coming Of Age‘s final title track below:

Vocalist, Charlie Boughton, explained the origin of the feelings he injects into the songs.

He said: “You spend your whole life up until around 18, knowing exactly what’s coming next. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with myself…I still don’t”

Future ambiguities aside however, Coming Of Age is in a big hurry for the band to grow up as the remaining 5 tracks deliver an onslaught of pop-punk thrash and burn. A central pairing of High Ground and Clutching Straws form two opposing poles of the guitar oriented sound. As the former uses short sharp bursts of low-end riffage to keep listeners hooked, the latter addresses the higher melodies with an uplifting chorus to fire you head-over heels into the remainder of the EP.

While there’s no faulting Homebound’s ability instrumentally, their debut naturally leaves something to be desired in terms of maturity. The Farnham boys certainly have the hooks and riffs but still need to engage in a little soul-searching before they can break away from what’s come before and cut their very own set of gnarly punk gnashers.

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