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EP Review: Fur Cough – Fur Cough

EP Review: Fur Cough – Fur Cough

Artist: Fur Cough
EP: Fur Cough
Release Date: 4 August 2014
Label: Baby Baboon Records

Having honed a sound over the past year inspired by the likes of PJ Harvey and At the Drive-In, Fur Cough are set to release their self-titled début EP on 4 August through Baby Baboon Records.

Opening the record is Bye My Myopia, which delivers the combined effect of drawling lyrics over a guitar dominated sound that morphs between a creeping opening riff and a crashingly care-free chorus. While there’s something of Nirvana here becoming mixed in with perhaps some slightly more Brit-rock characteristics, this EP still doesn’t allow itself to be pinned to any particular sound, undoubtedly a promising display of diversity at a time when it’s most needed.

The grungy side of Fur Cough is nurtured and developed in Lost in Rely and come the official single, Peril Soaked Penny, things are kicked to a level of full throttle rock that has been gradually set up throughout all that’s come before it. Overall it forms the perfect summary of Fur Cough’s first extended recording, providing all the fireworks and chaos necessary to win the attention of the spotlight.

A convincing start for the new band, however, rest is not on the horizon as Fur Cough’s set at Camden Rocks festival on 31 May looms ever-closer. On top of this, material for another release at the end of the year is already in the works.

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